Cleanse, consecrate, and charge....everything?

for a while I’ve been looking into Frater X’s YT channel, Mind and Magick. in one if his videos where he explain what magick is, he uses Crowley’s definition and explains that because of that definition, everything you do, think, say, ect. is magick. he also explains in another video about cleansing, consecrating, and charging ritual tools and stuff. so if you combine those two ideas, that everything is magick, and that you should cleanse magickal tools and such, then wouldn’t it make sense to cleanse, consecrate, and charge all of your belongings since everything you do is magick, and you use objects to do stuff? what do you guys think? am I just over thinking it?

You’re overthinking it.

Magical tools are cleansed and consecrated for a specific purpose, but not every object in your life is used in that way. What makes an action magical is the intention you hold while doing that action, the action is not magical in and of itself.

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I agree with DarkestKnight, and would add, any object can become magick in an instant, but it still needs your attention and intention to make it so.

For example, your having dinner, and there are two knives crossed on the table:

a) you don’t notice, and it doesn’t matter: it’s not magick
b) you notice and remember that two knives crossed is bad luck, and you reach to uncross them to ward off bad luck: now you just did magick

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let’s say you have an object that you want to help you do something in a specific way, or to just be generally more skillful with the object. can you involve that object into a ritual somehow or otherwise do something to it to help you with what you want it to do? and if so, what kind of resources can you point me to regarding things like that?

That’s basically what a talisman is, an object charged with a specific intention. A good example is the stereotypical rabbit’s foot. By rubbing it, you effectively give it energy to charge it with the intention of drawing luck to you.

Energy work. Cleansing, charging, and consecration are nothing but the technique of infusing energy with specific intention.