Cleaned wife’s altar

My wife has an altar dedicated to Santa Muerte. She has been out of town for a week and will be gone longer at her moms house. I cleaned and filled her water, replaced her food and talked to her a little. Is this allowed? I know to approach her with respect and all what’s supposed to happen, I just haven’t done it myself. I’ve always felt a strong presence from her but haven’t talked to her other than a few times. Thank you for the help


I don’t see why not. I’m sure it’s appreciated :slight_smile:


That’s actually quite sweet. I’m sure it will be appreciated by both wife & deity. Also could be an opening for you to get know said deity too. So maybe do some research and see what you discover.

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To be honest, it really depends on if your wife is working with a specific tradition or not. There are a few traditions that would consider it disrespectful for someone not practicing or not initiated in the practice to be touching things or doing things they might not understand.

Also, sometimes we individuals get a bit a jealous with sharing our entities and may feel sad or upset or any number of unintended emotions when we find someone touching our altars and doing what we feel is ours to do.

This being said, I personally agree with the first two responses as the examples I am giving are of human offenses and rules, not entity offenses or rules.

Imop you have shown that you truly care, are curious and you don’t want the deity or altar to go neglected in your wife’s absence- even if it’s probably just fine as it is. In my opinion this may be a good way to introduce yourself and get to know Santa Muerte before committing to any practice or path yourself.

Most entities I’ve worked with appreciate the actions done from your heart, even if they are minor actions or conflict with the opinions of people.

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Have you ever participated with any of your wife’s rituals indoors/out of doors, or helped her with sabbat prepararions, aided in sex magick, asked by her to assist in anything to do with or on her altar, etc.? If so, I would say she is intentionally including you and it probably would not offend her, and she might be pleased. The fact that she is away for a week and did not request that you tend it in her absence gives me pause for consideration, unless it was a sudden absence. The reason for the absence could also be a factor. No need to share additional info here, I’m just suggesting that as one of lots of unknown variables in the equation.

If she has rarely or never asked you to participate in any of her rituals or magick projects and events, doesn’t talk to you about her experiences or what she’s doing, I would say that is not a good idea, for the sake of your relationship, and in some cases, also because some beings become quite protective and attached to the witch that created the altar. Maybe not this time, but with a different deity, it could be a very different experience for you. Altars can be aesthetic (and still powerful) or painfully personal with relics and vessels that contain the dark night of the soul. It is not a light thing to lay hands on someone’s altar to a deity unbidden. Or bidden, even.

But you sound interested and respectful, and you say you do not feel any negative energy coming from the Goddess. That bodes well for you.

If you fall somewhere in between, I would still say maybe plead ignorance and good intentions in a humble and respectful tone, to both Goddesses, and flowers don’t hurt. And see how it is received.

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