I am currently in need of quick money and wondering which entity to summon for help. Clauneck popped up when I did a Google Search, I need some advise on this from anyone. Regards

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Yes clauneck would probably work. Also Bime/Bune is quite good for this in my experience. Last but not least i would always connect work for money with namah/nahema/nehema for Manifestation in Our plane and with seere for swift result if it is urgent. Connecting the Powers of different Spirits empowers The spell. Also to empower a ritual you can ask belial.

Bime. Clauneck is more for wealth management than quick fixes.

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So you suggest that I go with bime

Nitika is also good for moderate amounts of cash

You have two votes for Bime aka Bune in this thread so far. :+1:

I actually suggest you do separate rituals with both. It would be ideal to get to the point where you never need to ask for windfalls at all, I would think.

If you use the search up top right, you’ll also find more info and success stories generally for Bune.
I’ve had success with Clauneck and have never asked Bime for anything, but it was for long term wealth protection not a windfall. Others on here who have posted about windfalls generally talk about Bime/Bune.

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Why not both?

Bime can give you a surge of cash if you pact to use it for something important.
Clauneck will set things up for you in a big way but you’ll have to walk through the doors to get to wealth

Wealth and Romance magick are the two weirdest ones because they require people to change and present themselves in different ways. Quick one offs can happen based on who you are (and it really comes down to that) but if you want more money it’s going to be a journey

And get ready to have completely clueless strangers hate you on principle simply because you have either.

Both work well with pacts. Nitika has given me money several times as well.

I’d look into Wealth Magick by Damon Brand if you want a serious pathworking.

Calls on several spirits, Calvarnia, Raziel, Aniquel, Clauneck, and a bunch more. Crazy powerful


Just to add my 2 cents I also had success with Bune on a few occasions. First time I made contact with him I saw rewards the next day.