Clauneck causes problems?

I worked several times with Clauneck and never had any issue whatsoever with him. The biggest success I had with his assustance was getting around 3k unexpectedly.

However, I was reading Abraxas Krull’s book, Goetic Money Magic, and he warns that Clauneck stops at nothing to get you money, so it might come through negative ways.

I never had that impression of him and have no clue where the author got this information.

Anyone with such negative experiences?

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Not me, I’ve been working with Clauneck for a couple of years. Maybe the author had a bad experience? :woman_shrugging:


Probably. The author quotes no sources to sustain this affirmation, so it might have been his impression only. Which is a bit of an unpleasant thing to do IMHO.
I have nothing but good things to say about Clauneck, but I’m a bit paranoid about these things and I’d love to share some knowledge just to be on the safe side.


If you’re worried about that just try be more specific in your requests, instead of asking something basic like “I want money” ask for something specific like “I want my shop to get more sales”, etc.
Although personally, I’ve never had a bad experience with Clauneck, quite the opposite.


Thank you, that’s actually brilliant. It hadn’t occurred to me that by directing the requests, we minimise the risk of unpleasant surprises.

I’ll do that from now on, not just with Clauneck, along with my usual safety clauses.

Although like yourself he never caused me any trouble.