Clairaidience Chakras

How do I open the main and minor chakras that open up clairaudience??

You have to evoke the search function. Set up a ring of candles, light them, sit in the middle, enter a trance, and then press the little magnifying glass in the corner and search for clairaudience


There are many ways, one to find out several of them is of course by using the magnifying glass. Another way is going through the Joy of Satans’s meditative program which I am currently using myself among other things as a resource, or deals with this.

Search for Joy of Satan - 6 month spiritual warfare program, that document has all of meditations previously listed on their website. Find it, it should help. @Lady_Eva I’m unsure wether or not this should be classified as copyright infringement, if I am wrong inform me and I’ll be sure to remove the recommendation I’ve just given.

Shame the joy of Satan sites went down, they had some solid meditations to get people started


Besides the joy of satan what else???

Have you looked through the old threads yet or done a google search? We’re here to discuss magic and share ideas, not spoon feed someone too idle to look for themselves

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Search for this on google: Joy of Satan - 6 month spiritual warfare program

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You can try this Psychic Development for the Magician


Don’t forget to remind her to breathe in and out, and to chew her food before trying to swallow it. :wink:


XD come now, on be a little nice, if she’s meant to do it and walk this path she’ll emerge just fine. Plus this forum is supposed to help, we all were newbies. :wink:

Magick becomes boring pretty quickly, when you are not ready, usually.