Circle Casting

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I know that casting a circle doesn’t really protect you from whatever your evoking. The circle is symbol of eternity and a bubble of power.

My question. Casting a circle clockwise is the most regular practice. But when is it nessary to cast one counter-clockwise or widdershine???

I am working with the gatekeepers right now and I’m not sure if and when you do magick work with the demons if you should always go anti clockwise or is it maybe only used for banishing rituals and the like.

Or does it even matter.

Please get back to me so I can update my grimore Thank you.

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I think that depends on what system you’re using. If you’re using a Solomonic circle, I have it in my head that that’s supposed to be all control-oriented and protective. I use EA Koetting’s system, where the circle is to draw attention to me.

When you feel like it. It’s your ritual, do what works for you. If you’re not sure, try it both ways and keep the one you like best - or both.

I don’t think it matters - unless, YOU Think it matters, then it probably will because you as the practitioner make it so.


Thanks for the speedy reply. This has been on my mind for some time now.

One or the other form, if you trace both probably they produce some chaos energy difficult to manage?! :flushed: :joy:

Clockwise is for evocation, best for bane workings, love bindings, transmutations…

Counter-Clockwise is for meditations, divination, invocations, pacts…


Alright cool. That helps too. Jw is that your own gnosis or where did you learn that info?

I cannot remeber where I read this but something about when evoking the goetia demons the circle has to be cast counter clockwise. For reasons I do not know but I could be wrong

My thoughts was depending on the work like you stated above it determined who or what your evoking/invoking and what kind of magick it was vs love or baneful

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Traditionally, all circles in ceremonial magick were drawn deosil, or clockwise, regardless of what type of ritual one was doing. Deosil is an old Scottish word meaning “sunwise” and it was considered to be the direction of luck and prosperity in recognition of the sun as the life giver.

The magician would then walk widdershins, or counterclockwise, to release the circle. Widdershins was considered to be the direction of undoing, and bad luck because it goes against the natural course of the sun.


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Ok maybe I was putting to much thought into this or mix reading text somewhere. Ive always casted mine Deosil but I will test both ways.

I wanted to ask because in the Gatekeeper Belial book Asenath Mason says Belials throne turns counter clockwise and ive read people talking about it in the past just cant remeber where. Since these are enitities involving the Black sun the Black flame and the Tree of death I just wanted check and see if need to start going widdershines. But Thank you for the knowlege.

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There is definitely an energetic difference when casting a circle widdershins.

There’s no harm in experimenting. Let us know the results :slight_smile: