Chronic pain in heart chakra after awakening

Does anyone have any remedy for this? Walk through nature help but when I get or in crowds its worse. Need some advice on what it could be and how to heal it, thank you.


You might try visualizing white/gold energy entering the back of the chakras, from the base chakra to the top. It helped me visualizing this entering my base chakra and the power spot between the anus and sex organs. I sent this energy from that back of the chakra into the body. It took away may back pain immediately. ( it might work ).


Ive had this on and off for years, especially with healing work but also during strong emotions. Reiki is good for the pain, and essential oils and gentle crystals which comfort the heart chakra helped me too. I love rhodocrosite.

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It sounds like more energy than you’re accustomed to passing through that area, which could indicate a blockage worth clearing, the energy passing through in a way that’s not along the ideal channel, or just that that area isn’t as developed yet.

I would say make sure you are grounded and try energy sweeps to get rid of excess energy. It should naturally clear or expand with time but exercises like the microcosmic orbit where you gently pass energy through will sort of wash it open faster.

I would not advise exercises that are bringing more energy into this spot for now as if too much is the problem this will make it worse.

Another exercise that is good is the Water Method of Taoist meditation to visualise and gently dissolve blocks. This will also teach you to read your energy in intuit what you need to do to regulate it yourself.


I will give them a shot, thanks for the answers everyone

This might be something that needs to be resolved or healed.

If it’s some kind of empathy in relation to people you may need to find a way to disengage

I still have this (on and off, not all the time), and it used to be a lot worse when ever i found myself opening up to people. I did get some energy healing done on it that helped a lot, but it is still kind of an issue (on and off, and I can now talk to people without it being such an issue or even showing up a lot of the time) . I will say that whole situation with my ex and the stuff I did was the cause. The realization on how it extends to relationships in general …

Look at who you are with, it could be a psychic attack or someone trying to create an opening to ‘get into your consciousness’ with.