Christian Witchcraft PT. 4 1/2: The Kabbalistic Cross

The Kabbalistic Cross (KC) is one of the Most important prepatory rituals in Kabbalah because it prepares the Black Magician and his environement to Process in a more effecient manner the Energies that he/she is about to evoke.

As Far as Ascent goes, this method of CrossWork (yes I just said that) serves to Invoke your Godhood and bring you Deeper Into Trance. Most Magicians only do this ritual Twice, once at the beginning and once at the End and wonder why they dont get the Maximun benefit.

In This Article:

● I will discuss a simple, streamlined version of the KC that anyone Can do

● Reverse Engineer the KC to display the Basic Principles of it so you can create your own Cross ritual.

Lets Begin, shall we?

                              Kabbalistic Cross:
                       The Stripped Down Version

For those of you who like to get down and dirty to the core of stuff Magically, here is what you do:

♤ Vizualize A Extremely Brilliant Cloud of Light (whose color is of your own Choosing) above your head.

♤ Raise the Two first fingers of your hand and reach into the Cloud. Lower your fingers in a straight Line and touch your Third Eye. Pause and Sense the energy there.

♤ Continue bringing your Fingers Down the Line and touch your Heart Chakra. Sense the Energy there.

♤ Continue bringing your Fingers Down to your Sacral Chakra and Touch your Sacral chakra. Sense the energy there.

♤ Draw your fingers upwards and touch Your Right Shoulder.

♤ Bring your Fingers across your chest and touch your left Shoulder.

♤ Clasp your Hands together in the Center of your Chest.

That is the Kabbalistic Cross, Streamlined version.

                        Dismantling The Cross:
                      "How does this shit Work?"

Basic Principles of The KC

◇ Form◇

◇ Sound◇

◇ Shape◇

The Principle Of Form:

You must have something to Invoke or call into yourself because that is what you are doing. You are evoking the Essence of A Thing, Being, or substance Into you when you raise your Hand and draw the energy down to you.

This energy can take the Form of using the Sun instead of Brialliant Light, or the Moon, or Saturn, etc.

The Principle of Sound:

The Vibration of Godnames activate the Energy centers/parts of the Aura and allow energy to pass through them and build up. With this principle you select an appropriate Name relating an Aspect of the Energy you are Invoking, inhale the energy of the name, and exhale while saying it in a powerul monotone chant.

The Principle of Shape

Shapes activate energy patterns in the human body and carry different qualities of Energy. You would choose/Create the Shape based on your Knowledge of the Chakra System or where you want points of energy to be activated.

Here is an Example of a Reverse Engineered KC ritual using these Principles:

                           The Blazing Cross

♤ Vizualize the Sun Blazing Above you in all its Glory

♤ Draw the Light of the Sun to your Third Eye

♤ Bring the Light Down to your Chest

♤ Bring it down to your Sacral Chakra

♤ Bring it up to your Right Shoulder

♤ Cross over to Left Shoulder

♤ Bring Both your hands together and Clasp them at your chest


(If you are Working with The Qlippoth, You would use Thagirion as that is the Qlippoth of The Sun)
What Matters is that these beings are all fiery. Thus they are Aligned with the Nature of the Sun.


I had some different theories about customization of the KC and the LBRP in general.

I would agree about the activation of the third eye when drawing your “light” to that point. I feel drawing it down to Malkuth position is more about grounding and flow, and staking your point as a focal point in existence. The right and left points, however, I feel are more about blasting the polarization from you with that flow; that is why I feel it is extremely important to see the light go through you, out of you, and completely out of the circle you are creating into the infinite. In my mind I am activating the god essence, grounding it to my point and creating the focus, then blasting inequity out of myself.

The shape of a crossing is highly suggestive to the subconscious as well. What is the focus of a cross? An intersection, a point where to lines meet, the terminus or origin at the same time. It is highly symbolic of the fact that the practitioner is moving the heavens at that moment with divine authority (self or external), because he or she is the source at that moment.

At the point when the dagger is raised in both hands above the head (or clasped across the breast) I like to vibrate “IAM”, just to remind my mind that I am about to be both the creator and the destroyer of my reality in action.

I’ve continued to use my own variation of the cabalistic cross for some years now. Not comfortable using the Hebrew or angels, my own power phrases work just as well for me by now that they’ve had a chance to build up and embed in my psyche.

On a related note, there was an Israel Regardie book (The Middle PIllar) that spelled out some alternate names and mythos to use for cabalistic cross and LBRP style workings.

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