Christian Commentary On "Linking: Becoming ONE with Demons & Insights To Demonic Guardians"

I can attest to this, it also alters things so that random psychics (especially white-light oriented ones) will often give you funny looks, or even try to “fix” you. I’ve been in a pact (basically a marriage) for many years now, and we’re STILL fine tuning things, and altering energy and so on.

I think the gates are opening soon, RavensAscent - I see a lot of evidence, and I’m told there will be Keys soon. I’ll share what I have on here.[/quote]

The “gates” (an eventual changing of the tide, which is already happening in stages), as you say, are indeed opening soon–and I say this as a Christian-- and by the spirit that guides Christians, who has told me the same for many years now.

Of course, the spirit I communicate with tells me of a different end-point, but we all expected that, didn’t we. The point here is that it is not just magicians who are being told this. Christians–the ones who can hear the spirit of their God (which are becoming much fewer in number and which is a HUGE part of the reason the gates are being opened)–are being told the same. In fact, the days are soon approaching in which true Christians (most who call themselves Christian are not actually Christians) will become so sparse on the Earth that they will no longer appear to have a place.

Personally, and despite being a christian, I do not believe many of the things so-called “Christianity” has taught it adherents–much of which has come straight from pastors/ministers and other church “leaders”. While I do believe Yahweh is who he says he is (i.e. creator and “God”), I am very much unlike the typical Christian in that I am unwilling to accept anything as truth without searching it out for myself…and if there is no way of really knowing something for sure, I either go by my gut or postpone my decision. Christians have made MANY mistakes in terms of what they believe and continue to do so.

Unfortunately, most blindly believe what they are taught without searching things out for themselves–and it makes Christians look like fools. For example, I still hear Christians say that they believe the Earth (and the universe) was created in 7 literal days, despite all the massive evidence to the contrary.

The origin of “original” sin and the fall of man, as taught by most Christians, is also loaded with contradictions. Christians teach that man was sinless prior to the fall of Adam, which supposedly took place about 7,000-10,000 years ago–if one traces back the lineage of Jesus to Adam (as found in the Bible). Continuing from there, the Bible also tells us that death is the result of sin and did not enter this world until original sin–or at least that is the traditional interpretation. Therefore, prior to the fall of Adam about 7,000-10,000 years ago, death could not have existed on Earth. LOL. To believe that means that the dinosaurs, and every other living creature that ever existed on this earth (which we know for a fact were killing each other), must have existed only within the last 7,000-10,000 years. That is a joke. The evidence that both life and death have existed on this Earth for millions of years is overwhelming. Anyone who actually believes that life only existed within the last 7-10k years is either exceedingly ignorant or in massive denial. The point here is that death, which supposedly came to this Earth through sin alone, has been here for millions of years. This fact completely obliterates the teaching that man’s sin brought death to this Earth only in the last 7-10k years and in doing so, throws the entire original sin doctrine (as traditionally taught) into dispute. This shakes some significant foundational teachings in the Church.

Of course, if a Christian ever begins to doubt the authenticity of the bible (any part of it) as the infallible word of God, there are looked at like they just committed blasphemy. The fact is that the Bible was put together by the Catholic church (which is far from a christian organization)–by a panel of Catholics who decided which “books” were Holy Spirit inspired and which ones weren’t. Of course, they couldn’t possibly have made any mistakes or left anything important out. :slight_smile: It’s an undeniable fact that there are errors in the bible–historical, interpretation-based, and just plain old mistakes by the writers, who sometimes messed up their facts.

I could go on for a long, long time–casting strong doubt on several of the Church’s long-held doctrines.

However, I have no doubt that Yahweh exists…and so do many of you here. The main difference is found in who we believe he is, his origins, etc. Like you guys (magicians), I also communicate with spirits, but of a different kind. The main point of contention between us revolves around which spirits we think are telling the truth. Most magicians tend to think Yahweh is full of shit–that he isn’t who he says he is (creator, God, etc), and that he is not telling the truth about the one he calls his son (Jesus Christ). On the other hand, Christians (real ones) tend to believe he is telling the truth. Both of us are surrounded by spiritual influences constantly–just of a different kind–and I tend to believe that people are most influenced by the spirits they surround themselves with.

For example, I have been told that the “angels” magicians evoke are not angels at all–not Yahweh’s angles–not the true Gabriel, Michael, etc…and that they can NOT be evoked, as they answer only to Yahweh. In truth, the things demons say and the things Yahweh and the Holy Spirit say are so completely contradictory (not on everything, of course, but on many of the most important fronts), that it is basically impossible to find a middle ground.

I come here because I like you guys, and I am just as fascinated by demons and various spiritual agencies as anyone else. If my core beliefs were different, I would probably be a magician because it is extremely enticing, but as you know, my God counsels me against that–tells me that demons are indeed evil and do not have anyone’s best interests at heart (not even those who follow them), even though they often seem to. He says that they have their own agenda, which involves assuming power over this Earth and a return in physical form–and are only using people for their own, temporary gain. I can also say that Yahweh’s point of view regarding why he asks us to do the things he does is FAR different than the demons’ point of view regarding these same matters. in short, demons say he is trying to enslave us, while he says he is not and has his own explanations.

My point in saying all this is two-fold–to show that Yahweh/the Holy Spirit are saying the same thing regarding an “opening of the gates” and that the main difference between us (me and you/magicians) comes down to what we believe is true. All of us are doing what we think is in our own best interest. We are all trying to do what we think is right. Why on Earth would a magician ever want to serve Yahweh if they believe he is trying to enslave the human race with an anti-life approach? Anyone who thinks that would hate him. So, it really comes down to who we think is telling the truth, as we really DON’T know what the truth is about many spiritual matters–because we have NO PROOF. We often make decisions/form beliefs based on our gut, conscious–whatever we want to call it.

But…I believe you guys are correct. The tide is changing. Demonic powers are in the process of assuming power, occultism/magick will continue to grow and gain acceptance, and Christians will eventually be in the small minority.

Mike Arnold, No one but a fool would deny Yahweh exists, EVERYTHING exists and NOTHING exists, that’s what make all of it so very, very FUN. Now i see you saying Christians and The Church, but hear you speaking of Religion, and it is dying,and it needs to die, and we have to kill it. along with occultism,in fact, all the ISMS of this world must go, that i thank is what this is all really about,and for the past what? 4000 years or so it been people killing one another over the method, and JUST the method of how to go about doing it. opening the gates of hell or Heaven, in the end it will be all the same. But i’m nutter and a demoniac so don’t take anything i say seriously:)

A nutter and a demoniac–LOL. :slight_smile:

Yes, you might believe Yahweh exists, but as you know, this world is chock-full of people who don’t believe in Yahweh, demons, angels, or even spirits in general. It’s absolutely absurd to me that someone could deny the existence of the spiritual world, or even question its existence, yet I encounter people who deny it every day.

I think that’s part of the reason I like coming here–because despite a difference in core beliefs, you guys don’t deny the reality of the spiritual. It is very real to you, in a very tangible way, which is something that is not easily found among most other groups of people.

Even when I attempt to interact with other Christians, while some of them may be well-versed in Christianity itself, most are extremely ignorant of the demonic, magick, and the occult in general. You would think for a belief system that contains such a strong demonic component, that every Christian would take an interest in trying to learn about it, but nope…they don’t. Not too sensible.

I don’t want to spend too much time on this here, but i will say, yes i know the “Christians” you speak of, or “The Groupies of Christ” as i call them,and they attack and fear without any thought, what they do not understand,and most of them can’t stand people who don’t thank just like they do, and that is so very sad to me. If everyone thought and felt the same all the time,over 7 billion of us would not be needing.Now i am not a christian,never again will I subject myself to that hypocrisy.But i am not the enemy of anyone who calls themselves one,and i will never Judge anyone for the spiritual path they are on,(unless they are trying to cut me head off, i may get a little pissed at that) But i will end this by saying to you now .Walk in the light,my brother,and may you find what you are seeking, Me, i will be in the darkness, doing…very unchristian things;)

Could someone please tell me why the hell this topic suddenly went from being about demonic alliances to an argument over christians? I really think the last few comments need a separate topic as christianity is the last thing I wanted this topic to be about. This is for those who appreciate the dark arts, demonic evocation, and all aspects of it.

Lady Eva, feel free to split this topic if you agree. While I understand that Demons are a big part of christian history, I did not intend for this to turn into a religious debate.

Done, and also moved to the location where people can discuss the intersection of faith and magick. :slight_smile:

[quote=“RavensAscent, post:5, topic:7204”]Could someone please tell me why the hell this topic suddenly went from being about demonic alliances to an argument over christians? I really think the last few comments need a separate topic as christianity is the last thing I wanted this topic to be about. This is for those who appreciate the dark arts, demonic evocation, and all aspects of it.

Lady Eva, feel free to split this topic if you agree. While I understand that Demons are a big part of christian history, I did not intend for this to turn into a religious debate.[/quote]

My apologies, RavensAscent. Didn’t mean to sidetrack your thread.

I dont think Genesis was ever put out there to be a scientific award winning book. Many things in the Bible can seem contradictory. I have found some Christians to ne hypocrites but then again one could accuse me of it. They would be correct. Being a Christian seems like you are supposed to be some perfect being. The reality is most of us are wretches and cant be blameless in this incarnation. However we can find an ideal such as unconditional love to make us more perfect. Sadly most Christians think they crap roses.
Like the idea of Christians needing to be passive to anybody. No, if you have faith you can move mountains and shake up demons, and there is such a thing as righteous anger.
I found it interesting that psalms were used for magick and talismans could be constructed using them.
However many other Christians are opposed to magic in any way. Perhaps they are right. One thing to consider is that of when prayers seem to go unheard. Well…maybe that is when we should open our minds to using what God gave us.
I now work in Mortuary Transport since my life trainwrecked, due to my faults. I can say I have handled the general way people go out of this world. Babies to Old people. Been in stinky packed morgues. It is rarely pretty.
Make your life count.

I wrote a post on how I discovered the RHP to be a depression-inducing mindset for me here - obviously you don’t have to read it, but I personally hope you will.

Of course not all Xians (or other religious people) get depressed, and some of them, like the estimable Richard Wurmbrand, have used their faith to survive stuff that would probably destroy most of us, and they have my utmost respect - but if you’re not happy right now and your beliefs aren’t fixing that, then please do consider reading my post, if only to see how you think I’m wrong and how you can spark off that, and do better. :slight_smile: