Choosing between sides

Hello, lately I’ve been torn between two choices.

Let me elaborate, I have been meditating for over a year and a half now and during the first three or four months of meditation I ended up researching Satan and making a blood contract with him renouncing my orthodox religion. After that Shiva, Kali and Ganesh approached me and helped me evolve and clear a lot of blockages.

But for the last week or so I’ve been feeling this enormous pull towards the dark, especially Belial. I’m very interested in making an invocation since, from reading around, what he represents is exactly what I need right now to break the chains that have been holding me down for so long.

What I’m really interested in knowing is this. Can you work with both sides? All the Hindu Gods have helped me tremendously. I’m grateful beyond words to them and I’ve formed a connection which I would like to keep. Also they have let me know that there’s still things to accomplish in the future.

Would starting working with Belial and the LHP affect this in any way?

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The Hindu Gods aren’t part of any LHP or RHP same with the infernal demons. So if the Hindu gods don’t specially say not to then there’s no problem.


In my opinion. If you choose Belial you’re not choosing a side. He’s the anarchist and rejects the notion of choosing sides, that’s a form of enslavement.


It depends to be honest and I’ll suggest asking them. I recently made a pact with a Norse Deity and they turned me over to the Kemetic Pantheon so in your case maybe there’s a reason why you’re pulled to the infernal deities.

I’d say go for it the connection will not fade especially if they recommend this path for you.


Same, Odin led me to the group of Celtic Gods.

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If it helps, I don’t see Belial as “dark” at all. He’s an ancient god and I don’t really care for the opinions of later xtians that told everyone he was evil for thier own reasons.

Make your own relationship and then decide what “dark” means to you, don’t follow the brainwashed sheep.


I get what you’re saying. Maybe It’s just a function of the human mind to create duality, light and dark, good and evil, etc.

I guess I see it as dark in comparison, for example I would describe the energy I got from Ganesh as peace, bliss, almost like a green field in the summer.

On the other hand, the energy from this “enormous pull” I was talking about felt like power in it’s rawest form possible. I felt electrifying sensations in my whole body and especially the left hand, from which I drew blood to sign the pact with Satan.

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Belial is only dark in terms of his elemental energy that’s about it. He’s not morally “dark” or part of the light vs dark creation.


Yes, and I’d go so far as to say. not only “can” but also, “should” - in order to become a fully rounded human being and practitioner.

The original grimoires were about working with demons, while retaining the prevailing moral and spiritual views of that era. The aim was to perfect oneself by mastering the “lower” energies.

Most people will gravitate towards some worldviews, spirits, and the aspects of each current or pantheon they prefer, but being able to go to whatever works in the moment is a critical difference between religion and magick: the former places the humans as subject to the spirit world, the latter sets him free to work with spirits to accomplish his Will.

:point_up: This, as well. Belial has mocked being all adversaarial and edgelordy just for the sake of it and is pretty much an outlier in terms of alignments, I think he’s very, very, old.


I don’t think you have to choose a side. If people can practice more than one type of magic, then you can practice more than one religion, right?

48 Laws of Power, Do not commit to anyone… It’s the Fool who always rushes to take sides… Side with no person or cause but yourself…

Depends on the nature of the religion

Something maybe connected with this is that, for example, on basis of the prejudice “Either God and angels, or demons” I basically had the plan to work with the latter, then leave them for the first ones. Offensive and not likely to work but probably no issue with contacting different spirit types, indeed.

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