"Chiilling adventures of Sabrina" tv show

What do you think about it?


Better then “The Order”. Even though in Sabrina their devil is just Baphomet


Where’d you get that. He’s Lucifer in part two at least. Its an okay show. Campy, a bit too preachy at times, but enjoyable

I’s all good and fun except the ending, when Lucifer gerts his “human” form.

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I personally loved of the show. Baby steps LOL

I stopped watching it on episode 6 or 7, that episode where some dude gets possessed and they’re all like “AAAAAAAAA”.

It’s okay-ish. Maybe I’m not the right target audience…

I think he didn’t get past season 1 (like myself). They mentioned Lucifer, but the Dark Lord looked like it could be anyone…

Like you said, it’s a bit too preachy. If they wanted to go campy, they should go all the way like Evil Dead or From Dusk Till Dawn.


Watched a bit of it, didn’t really like it. I don’t mind the “Satan worshipping” aspect of it but it treats all witches as being “Not mortal” and shit like that. Wish they would do more research on the stuff they portray because it adds to the already existing sterotype that all witches and pagans are devil worshippers.


It’s entertaining, not doctrine or anything. As entertainment, it is definitely amusing.

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A bit dark i havent seen season yet been binge waching got at the moment
I like it really like the holiday special with yule log keep out the hostile spirits and demon that wax people lol
As to story arc im kinda hopeing she goes all dark evil loses her humanity

After watching that show, i always feel presences.
I’m not sure it is only entertainment…

The comics are better.

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Also, this topic already came up a while ago if anyone is interested

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