Chicken feet curse

I want to lay this curse on a group of people who have done me a great wrong, and I’m wondering, do I need fresh chicken feet? I live in the UK, chicken feet are not commonly sold locally - there aren’t any ethnic markets etc near me. Ordering online means I’m faced with ridiculously high shipping charges. What about dried chicken feet (that are usually labelled for dog treats)? Or is there an alternative to chicken feet?

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Have you tried to search here in BALG? We have many threads about this curse. This is the most recent one, asking actually the same thing you do.


Thanks! Yes I did do a quick search, but must have missed the part about doggie treats.


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I also live in the UK. Go to a Raw animal feeding shop. They sell 50 chicken feet for £3 and you can freeze the rest.


Unfortunately I don’t live near one, afaik. :persevere:

Make friends with a Butcher and get the left overs. Say they are for your Dog lol. I have done this


I just did that - I normally buy my chicken (my favourite meat of all time) from an online farm shop because of the quality of the meat. So they’ve agreed to start stocking chicken feet and are in the process of figuring out the logistics. Yay! But on this occasion, I’m sucking it up and ordering my chicken (including a bag of chicken feet) from another farm shop that has ridiculously high shipping costs, to offset the cost of shipping. :persevere: Cos I’m on my last portion of chicken. However, it’s for a good cause. :metal:

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Btw, do you use actual ribbon, or will a black cord do for tying?

Black cord. And remember to never look back when you have buried and walk away. Good luck


Thanks! :slight_smile:

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So to explain a bit more.

I knew one of the people I’m going to curse personally. I don’t have any contact with her, haven’t seen her since 2004 when she evil eyed me. No contact with her family either. I don’t know any of her friends. However, she’s friendly with a coven who she got to attack me with a death curse and via their continuous attacks over the years, ruined my life and made life a living nightmare (since 2004).

They are CRAZY. Won’t quit trying to destroy me with their necromantic magick and foul spirits. Spirits of the dead, jinn, and demons. They were bound and cursed in the summer, but now they’re reaching out to their associates to attack me on their behalf. Hence the need for cursing them and their associates with this curse.

I’ve consulted with E.A. and Orlee about this, and I’ve been told this curse will stop them in their tracks, period. I’ve been given their first names, and only one of their dates of birth (one of their associates). That person will be cursed today.

My question is, I want to lay this chicken feet curse on the coven to stop them, period. The curse already on them is only doing so much. E.A. reckons they aren’t suffering enough. But do I need their dates of birth? Or can I write their names along with a brief description of them? Will that work just as well?

The more specifics the better, if you know their parents names that helps too, if you can steal a pic or two form their social media that also helps.

Wow, Sorry to read you’re at war, maybe it’s just me but I detest magical bullying.

I suggest you also call the aid of Mars to help you beat these lunatics, sigilize something like “Victory over my enemies” and “Banish all destructive energies” over separate Mars Kameas and charge them. Place your photo (with your full name) over over the victory square and another personal photo of yours and your home (you can even use a google maps satellite photo, write your full address) over the banishing square, put seven day red candles (prepared to repel and use martial sigils if you wish) over the photos and kameas, replace the candles as needed. This is one powerful way to aid you in battle. Hope I didn’t break any rules by sharing this.


I thought as much. I’ve just finished doing the feet and the box part. I wrote down as much as I could about these people on the papers that I tied to the feet. As it’s now dark and I won’t go into a graveyard after dark, the box will be buried tomorrow afternoon. I have plenty of spirit allies, including Azazel and his spirits. I was assured by a spirit ally earlier that the way I did it will work.

Now it’s just a matter of dealing with the remaining person who is trying to help the coven by attacking me (I don’t have his or her name and D.O.B. yet) and with their entities in my aura/energy body.

I’ll keep the Mars idea in mind if it’s needed. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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Has anyone had results from this curse? I love EA’s video on it and really want to know peoples successes. All the best to you with getting rid of these gang stalkers

Try checking a Wal-mart if you have them there, Ik we have them for sale in the states

We don’t have Walmart here in the UK afaik. :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if we did, there’s such little demand for chicken feet where I’m from, that you’re extremely unlikely to find it in most supermarkets and butchers. Instead, one has to go off the beaten track, so to speak. In any case, I found what I needed - off the beaten track. :wink:

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Early days yet. In my case I have zero physical contact with the ones I cursed. Not even via the social grapevine. The result will show up in the form of being left in peace, finally.


I understand you. All it takes is one person with a malignant obsession and before you know it they have turned others against you and you have a group of haters. They are like Cattle. Best of luck


I’m having an issue. When I did the curse, I felt the cemetery was my first option, and assumed that it would be a viable option - I mean, how hard can ti be to bury a box? I visited the cemetery and it’s just not an option. I had a feeling of danger. Not from the spirits that wander the place. It was to do with the fact the UK is a big brother state, there were people, and the rules displayed were quite clear - if I was caught digging beneath a bush, I could be prosecuted for trespassing and vandalism. As I walked out, I perceived one of my guides telling me my danger senses were working perfectly.

So, what’s next? I’ve looked at nearby crossroads (not many here), and they’re a no-go too. Not enough soil to dig. Too many people. Or too close to houses or places where I could be observed.

So I’m exploring the woods option, as J.S. Garrett told me a while ago I could bury the box in the woods if needed. There aren’t any woods in my town and I don’t drive so I can’t drive to the nearest one. There is one many miles away but I’ll need to figure out how to get there and back. In the meantime, I have a box of chicken feet decaying. :frowning:

I’m gonna freeze the box in the meantime until I find a suitable burial place. Didn’t think it would be this awkward.

Are there any other long term options that would be suitable?

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I have never done this but freezing it could possibly be symbolic of waiting, and or stopping, while just letting It decay and burying it decayed may speed up the process, but like I said I have never done this ritual so I wouldn’t know

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