Chicken feet curse


The reason for freezing is more practical than symbolic. I just don’t want the box stinking up the place while I look for a suitable burial place. But good point.


Forcefully shove it into a public trash bin & walk away. it’ll be buried with public garbage.


Caught my curiosity, “never look back”, if I buried it in a crossroad, a crossroad which I drive pass frequently, is that considered as “looking back” since I am literally driving pass everyday.


Don’t think so, as long as you don’t start wondering about how the curse is progressing or how your victim is… :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise, I suggest picking a different crossroads.


From time to time, my mind will drift off toward the person, engulfed in black flames; from time to time, my imagination drift toward that chicken feet, with imagination of the feet rotting under the soil… Will it affect the curse?

I kept telling myself not to think about that person, but from time to time, I will hear information about him, or even see posts he made. Will it affect the curse?

I am and had been trying my best not to think about him.