Chat Thread

Sometimes you just want to chat rather than make a lengthy or essay-quality post, and the fabulous functionality of this forum, which updates live on your screen without needing to be refreshed, allows it to be used like a chat room, so I’m making and pinning this thread for those kinds of light-weight conversations, and as a general hangout space! :slight_smile:

If people want to propose a date and time for chat on a specific topic, please post it in here, and enjoy! I’ve pinned this for one month to give it a fair shot at being seen.


Cool, I’m loving this idea. The forum needed a place for casual conversation imo. So, I’ll start. What are you people planning to do for the weekend? I’m going out for drinks with friends tonight and tomorrow morning I’ll go for a stroll at a forested area just outside the city of Athens.


Catch up properly on here, been busy the last couple of weeks and have only been skim-reading stuff, there are some amazing meaty threads I want to get stuck into! :heart_eyes:


Sounds like you’re going to have a busy weekend. I believe that the number of new topics being posted every day has been increased over the last few weeks. Anyway, have fun!


looking foreword to it :grinning:

Anyone have Discord or does BaLG have a discord server at all?

What? There’s plenty of Discord around here! Oh, you meant the chat server. My bad. :wink:

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I would have thought with this new fandangled forum a chat room would have been a great addition could have had Q&A’s with EA et al now and again which would have been awesome

No, it doesn’t. A member called Redcircle set one up in 2013, but it wasn’t active by the time I joined a few months later. This software acts more or less the same, with the added bonus of being able to edit your typoes (well, bonus for me, Queen of the Typoes, anyway!).

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Hey, Eva … and everyone else …

Have you had any experience working with people in the form of something like a magickal support group?

I’m not talking a lodge or a cabal or whatever the cool term is these days. There’s way too many politics involved in that for me.

I’m thinking of something more like “hey, we’re all actively working on this stuff alone … let’s get together and discuss it”.

I’m seriously considering trying to find a handful of people for something like this, but I’m kind of leery of the DramaStorm that could fall upon me. :slight_smile:


I’m probably being thick but I thought that was what this forum, various group workings, and Freinds With benefits were for/about? Am I being dim?! :smiley:

You’ve kind of got a point there. lol No, that’s totally on me … I guess I left a few details out of there. lol

I was thinking something more intimate with just a few people. Coming together at scheduled times for more personal contact through voice chat.

Don’t get me wrong … I love the forums. But the real-time personal interaction helps me process things in a different way than the forums do and I thought it might help some others, too.

I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with something like this. You know, what worked and what didn’t.


There was a Skype group on here about a year ago. It seemed to be fairly active, but most, or all, of the members involved are either inactive, or rarely active anymore. I get what you’re saying, though. If you don’t get what someone is saying on the forum, you have to wait til they log back in and clarify. Most people tend to get ideas across better through verbal, rather than written, communication. Not to mention the spontaneity of real time convo.


Yep, nailed it. I’ve just found it’s really useful to help me process these experiences … and I think I’m starting to drive my girlfriend a little nuts. lol

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We actually heard a few complaints about that, but I was trying to be tactful given the dynamics… because of this, and because what occurs on it is outside this forum’s control so to speak, and yet reflects upon us, I can’t really give sanction to setting up a chat and promoting it on the forum, but if you wish to start one and PM-invite the people you’d like to talk to, that’s totally fine, it’s no different to you PM-ing someone to ask them to e-mail you. :slight_smile:


I have but I didn’t really have a good experience so I typically wont help most people on here.

My only advice is shields and look for snakes.

Let me know if you do decide to make a work or study group I may be interested depending upon the details

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Yeah, I totally understand that. We’re on the same page. Please … do not summon the feared Ban-Hammer, O’ Moddess of Doom! :wink:


I’d be all in for something like that, but unfortunately, living in the sticks has some drawbacks, like internet service. I’m limited to 5G of bandwith per month ($10 for each Gig I go over), so Skype and such isn’t doable for me. Fortunately, I have a couple of people I can talk to IRL who don’t practice, but are very much interested. So I get to rave and babble to them, lol.


Fair enough, I wasn’t aware of issues surrounding that.