Chaos magic

Today I got a sign that I need to practice chaos magic. Can someone here give me a source to learn about it?

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What was the sign?


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Hands-On Chaos Magic by Andrieh Vitimus is a good chaos-centric self-initiation book.

Anyone just starting out should probably also read The Kybalion for a baseline understanding of the theoretical metaphysics behind most modern magical thought.

AO Spare’s Book of Pleasure is also good to read since it was instrumental in creating the fundamentals of chaos magic, although it’s a bit difficult to understand. The author was more of a poet than a scientist.


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Here is an amazing free animated guide that will walk you through getting started with chaos magick. This was shared to me by one of the old mods. I printed it out and made my own physical book and it’s still one of my favorites to date. I really hope bluefluke makes more

If you search you can find up to chapter 4 and the 5th being in the works. Or so they have said since 2018.


Link is dead.