Channeling Blacklist Pt. 1

The show has hit the road.

Lucifuge Rofocale.








King Paimon

The rest are topics chosen by myself.


The Sun.

Kabbalah, both sides.

The exact locations of the “Prime Creators”.

The heart and all it rules.

The communication between you and other powers.

What are “things”.

I might channel more than what’s on the list depending on my feelings.



" HAHA! Epsilon. It’s a good thing you called on me, for I have some advice for everyone. The memes are true. Jobs are a scam, at least if you only make money from one. Business is the cheat code for a financially free life. Epsilon. The point is is that money making has its secrets, just like the occult. If you want to live without working, you have to look.

Money is fundamentally a unit of magickal energy. It’s what makes things happen. It’s not concrete. I’ll just say this. Look into the secrets of money making, and it will all begin to make sense.

I have more magickal news. Epsilon. What is the meaning of power? Power is just money, but in a different form. I am being metaphorical, but it’s this. Power is just an empty signifier for change appearing in the world. The world is not concrete, it is just a bunch of images mashed together. To make change is not magickal, but truly within the secret(s) of your heart. From your heart lies the meaning reality has to you.

So, I leave you with this last message. Don’t make life about work. Make life about living your dreams already. Not being in the present moment, but if you allow yourself to enjoy what you have now, it will make more sense. Don’t force yourself, but if you imagine a happy future where you have all you want, extend some of that freedom to your own situations now. No matter where you are, you have more freedom than you think.

That’s all."



" Epsilon, I know you struggle a lot with various things, but all the advice I have is this. Look, there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The goal of existence is to live life the way you want in each moment. Not “enjoying the present moment”, but letting yourself and your desires free to be happy.

Now to get that out of the way, now it’s this.

There are many ways to gain a secure future in the occult, but first I have to be counterfactual.

The reincarnation cycle does not exist. It is a means of control created by the Hindus to make people believe they deserve their lot in life. How could it be real? Why would it make sense? It doesn’t. How does anyone benefit from having you lose your progress and start again in another bastard’s body?

Epsilon, to deindoctrinate yourself from a lot of occult beliefs people toss around, you have to let go of the notion that reality controls you. It doesn’t. It doesn’t!

As in, you’re not a puppet nor any of this other stuff. You’re free to do whatever you want and no one will stop you. Even if you feel that there are laws. Belial made the point of saying that there are no laws and that’s true.

Epsilon, it all boils down to this. There is no purpose to Creation beyond you, and while it is not perfect, you’re not bound by the dictates other beings have for you. No one cares. Use magick to do what you want, not what you’re supposed to do. Not because it is written. That is all."



" Epsilon, all of Creation can be divided into two principles. The heart and the emotions. The heart is the engine of all things, for the heart of all things connects to your heart. The emotions consist of the true meaning that life has for you and the reason you’re here. You’re here to feel. The movie Equilibrium aside, it’s this.

Human nature is one of endless discovery and understanding, but it’s this. In essence, there is no nature to what defines everything. Everything is just a flow in the river of time. What is time? What level of granularity would satisfy the demands for truth?

The point is, is that reality is only concrete if you believe your perceptions are automatically true, but perceptions are just value systems.

What’s new I have for you is that there is no such thing as morality, because morality only exists to make sure people serve a greater good, but there is no greater good. The philosophers and intellectuals know only reason, but reason’s only purpose was as a religious implement. There is no difference between so called “knowledge” and religion. It’s just a difference in what you claim to worship.

You think people care? Of course they don’t. Reality is only as real as the belief you have in a greater truth.

All of that aside, it’s this. What is everything? Everything is just the idea you have of the absolute. The absolute is the concept from which everything derives. It is just the pureness of reality that defines it for itself.

I have one last thing. What I am trying to say is that beyond all of these labels is the reason why my message is clear. Stop looking for absolutes because you love “truth”. It is just a disguise for what people really feel, that they can control everything else for their own safety. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Epsilon. There is nothing I can say other than this. There is no system of control in the cosmos that dictates the whole world, it is just an artifact of religion. There is no “is”, and finally there is no reality to reality. Nothing “makes” it what it is. That’s all."

Me: Explain more about the religion aspect.


" I understand this all might seem like it’s out of left-field, but the spirits and powers are telling you what you need to know. It’s not up to me. It’s also not up to you. If people criticize your channelings, it’s their fault, not yours.

But I meant this. Reality is only as real as duality. Duality is the source of all religion and all of what most people consider spirituality. People want to understand Source, or the All, but refer to it in blanket terms like “unity” when it really means nothing.

The point is is that religion is based on the idea that there is a higher, creative power that created the world. If you call it reason or faith or anything else, you still think that someone is handing down the law. They aren’t. No one does that. The forms in which you think is indistinguishable from everything else.

The concepts these all lead to is the “objective”, “real” world that just is. It’s impossible, because rationality defeats itself. It is a form of thought, yet it is contentless precisely in its form. It is receptive, not ultimately creative, and can point to nothing beyond itself. That’s all.

The only reason people thought it was real was because they wanted to believe the world made “sense”, but what kind of sense? That’s all."

Me: Thank you, Isis.



" Ah! I’m so glad you call on me, Epsilon. Let me get straight to the point. What is the right path? The right path is honestly the path of liberation from finite forms. Forms and individual things are products of the individuating force of reality. Reality is divided into conceptual forms, and all of these forms are a mythology. They are meant to point to the same thing, all a ladder on which you climb. That same thing is the pure process of uniting Ultimate Good and Evil. Good is unity and balance, while Evil is fundamentally an overthrowing of spiritual order. Not order in the sense of law, but order in the context of the Cosmic Equilibrium.

All things point to the same thing, mean the same thing. They are expressions of the force of the heart beating for freedom from reality, from form and definition.

To understand all things, see them in their ultimate aspect and condense them back down until Good and Evil destroy each other and close reality.

I will tell you the essence of all knowledge. All knowledge is merely and absolute form. This is this. However, it is based on distinction. Meaning, this means this and is different from that. Duality. However, what you don’t know yet is that there is no idea which can justify the form of an idea. Every concept is immanently transcendent within its concrete barriers, because it is seen as an aspect of the whole. Let concreteness and universality consume each other, until the cosmos dies out. Transcend the spectrum of all things, and unite all of these things in their destruction.

What you will find is the meaning behind the absolute form, that there is nothing except the beating of death and the meaning of eternal life. To live eternally is to be free from equilibrium. To get there is to bear all knowledge. To reach the end is to make knowledge absolute.

That’s all. Now do some work!"


" Existence only matters if you think it’s there. I will tell you the whole truth. Everything is about one thing, the meaning that existence has for you when you stop thinking about what lies here, there, or beyond.

All of this is meant only to point to one thing, the truth that existence and all things are but an image, a drop in the bucket. This you already know, but be patient.

Life as it is is defined by one factor, that of the Lord of Worlds and the authority of sages. The world, sagehood, wisdom, all of it, only is a reflection of the structure of myths.

The world itself was a myth. Life a myth. What is existence but a myth told across time?

But the structure of these myths is to create a human being. Humanity the physical world is the embodiment of humanity, and all things are only one thing, the meaning of what it is to be alive.

Past that, there is only this. There is no reality that can survive itself. The world only exists to come to its inevitable end. Not the world as in the life of the planet and its inhabitants, but all of existence.

What do you feel when you see this? I will tell you all you wish to know.

Let go of knowledge, power, and achievement. Tap into the heart of yourself and who you really are. Let your desires be focused and condensed. Let yourself breathe in and out your true nature of yourself. Not your higher self, just the you you identify as.

Everything else is this.

There is only one way to understand the whole, and that was in turning existence on itself until it and all that lies beyond unfolds the final answer to the puzzle.

When you have what you want, when you feel alive, where do you go? Your drive, where does it all go?

That’s one thing, but finally it’s this.

There can only be the cessation of life, and to obtain true life is to liberate yourself from the ideas that existence seems to embody.

I will say more in other thread, but that’s it for now."

Me: Thanks, Azazel.



" You put too much faith in other people, Epsilon. So what if someone says you’re wrong? As a magician and as someone who cares about what you’re doing, let yourself be free to be wrong. Wrong is not wrong. Reality is only a thing you deal with in the moment. Oh, this is wrong or that is right, but the whole of what it is is not a definition. Being wrong is right, and being right is wrong. All of these things exist because life only makes sense in the moment you perceive it. Beyond time, it’s limitless but not even that.

Here’s my program for you, Epsilon. Meditate on why nothing is the way it is, and ultimately, what does life become after it has articulated the whole?

Everything else is this. Life only makes sense when people try to defend something. But have nothing to defend, yet defend yourself.

I sense much sadness in you Epsilon, only you can crush your dreams, no one else can. No one has that power over you.

If you want knowledge, or those things that you want, be yourself, see beyond formed picture.

Now it’s this. There is no gold over the rainbow, the only thing there was was the idea that reality meant something.

I know you’ve gotten this a lot, but it’s only this.

Life as a whole can be interpreted in many ways, but none of them matter, if you want to get what you want, let go of being right. It is the only way to be right.

That’s all."

Me: Thanks, Beelzebub. Anything else?

" Your program should be to ground everything into yourself through meditation and physicality, but focus on the whole of what you are, and all will be given to you. That’s it."

I dismiss Beelzebub, and thank him internally. He thanks me.


I won’t lie, but Epsilon most of this could have been gotten out of the self-help section of a new age bookstore.

I believe in you, but there are serious contradictions in thee messages that seem to convey a subconscious theme of self-doubt.

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I feel like when I do this, you have to keep in mind where I’m at right now. I’m not explaining everything because there are other things that this means. I understand that you explained to me what you channeled, but I still have to think about whether or not I’m really wrong.

Any message telling you truth is relative as a TRUTH statement is self refuting and irrational at its very heart.

The majority of people don’t channel accurately, at least he’s trying, the more you fuck up with channeling the better you get at it

Working with primordial energies can open these skills up though, which is just basic taoist inner alchemy

You have to balance out light and darkness to really fine tune channeling, otherwise, it’s all just fragmented delusions created by the mind according to its elemental balances or imbalances


Boy did I learn that recently. Don’t imagine you can accurately convey information when you’re emotionally dysregulated. I thought I could. 90% wrong.

Yeah channeling is mainly from the upper part of the brain which is usually silent, when there’s emotional clutter, doubt even, you stimulate the lower brain legions more. So working from the higher mind balanced wjth the lower mind at the pineal gland is ideal but just like any muscle it takes a practice, that’s as easy at it gets in inner alchemy if you want to develop the psychic channels

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" If you’re afraid, you’ll never find the truth. Finding truth is not an easy endeavor. It demands all of your attention if you want to attain everything you want.

Epsilon, if you’re afraid. Tell me what you want to know."

Me: " You already know what I’m really concerned about."

" Epsilon, I do, and yet you need to say it."

Me: " I’m afraid I’m wrong because I don’t know if what I’m getting is fully real or how to confirm it."

" You can’t always rely on other people to let you know what is right or wrong. Supposedly intelligent people aren’t as high and mighty as you might think."

" I’m a bit frustrated because people have been calling these channelings contradictory according to their own logic, so obviously I was just channeling something wrong while apparently they know the truth, because they were just so rational."

" Let me finish. I know that you are frustrated, but first let me finish my own message to the forum, then we can talk.

The world is not simple, nor is it complex. Your experiences cannot be a roadblock preventing you from understanding greater things. Close mindedness means that you think you know everything because other people told you. The only way to be truly open minded is to simply be curious and to not let limitations define you.

Naturally, people are open minded, but religion and academics convince them that to be right is to be disciplined. Think this way, no this way.

People don’t think rationally because they reasoned it out, they think “rationally” because they think that life was what common sense decided.

The point is this. There is no “Big Other” out there or a reality that was inherently completely reasoned. It’s not right to assume that there’s a reason for everything, all of that comes from religious people who already believed that God was perfect so everything had to be justified post hoc.

I see you want me to say everything. Fine.

The only thing left I have to say is that life is not meant to be thought of as a top-down construct, that there was this hierarchy of authority that stemmed to the guy on top. It doesn’t matter. No one is imposing rules on you, and there are no laws. If you understand this, you are one step away from inner peace, but to finish it it’s this.

Life is only meant for you to realize the truth. Right? Truth, whatever that word means. But no. I will just say it. The truth is is that there is no truth and that truth contradicts itself. The world was contradictory and incongruous, but what people believe was that things were inherently perfect.

And if it is? What does that mean? It means nothing beyond what people wanted. “Reality” wasn’t a monolith that cared.

The truth is is that there is no truth, and the reason why that is is because people already believed in the absolute concept. So, everything is a truth statement. Everything is true unless you realize why it is the way it is. Because you have to construct a truth in order for there to be a truth. It is attached to external forms. The fact it has to prove itself to be true means that it was inconsistent because it wasn’t just reality.

The point of all of this is is that if you really want to progress, you will have to let go of the meaning that things seem to objectively have. This is an object. That is this. This process of labeling things limits you, because everything you have is already here.

That’s all.

Me: I want to know more.


" Where does sound go when it disappears? What is nothing, being, or all of these concepts? The point is is that there is no unity to the world, only the death of infinite being. To be external is to deny yourself your own internality. Internal and external collapse because the world is merely the image of eternity. However, all of these things have a meaning in accordance to their purpose, but at the end of the day, there is only death.

The full meaning of this and everything is that the meaning of what constitutes reality is only the difference it holds with itself. Truth was fundamentally inconsistent because it requires illusion in order to articulate itself. And yet here you are trying to understand things.

The truth is is that there is nothing holding the world together, and there is nothing that defines the world.

However, that’s not all. The last thing and everything else is that there is no fundamental idea of what is right or wrong. The meaning that things have, all of these things, they were ideas that only exist in relation to existence. Existence is not defined by the qualities that things in existence have. Right and wrong were relative to perception, perception is always relative, no matter how objective you constructed it to be.

I will tell you the rest later."

I merged with Belial as he said this.

Me: Thank you, Belial.


" Epsilon, I feel that you’re frustrated."

Me: Just tell me interesting things.

" You’re trying too hard to be right. Look, at the end of the day you can only truly trust yourself, it’s not up to anyone else to determine the objective value of what you think. No god, no spirit."

" Just continue."

" What do you think the world is, Epsilon?"

" I don’t know."

" What does it mean for something to exist?"

" I don’t know."

" So, if there is supposedly this idea about what things are, what do they exist relative to? Let say that there is spiritual reality. What frames the meaning of it so that it actually means something? For example, you’re here. The world is real according to your perception that you see things, therefore they’re real, or you latch on to some idea of what it is and you say that it exists “on its own”, yet it was still relative to you.

Let’s go further. Let’s say that you imagine a whole universe in your head. What does that mean?"

" Just continue."

" Throw out all of your ideas of the absolute. If you create a fantasy world or a fantasy meaning in your head, what absolute distinction is there really that prevents that from being real? If you could possibly imagine that to be real, then it becomes real. As in, if all it takes is for you to possibly imagine that it could become “concrete”, then it becomes concrete. But the larger question is, what is the “framework” or perception relative to which reality exists in?"

" Okay, I don’t want to lose the point."

" The point is is that there is no perspective that was inherently justified no matter how you defined it. As in, just because people create a meaning of what exists in reality doesn’t mean that they have actually understood something that would cause that perspective to stop existing as a mere perspective. You have to go beyond perspective entirely to understand.

So, again I ask you. What is the world and what does it mean? What actually exists spiritually versus what people say?

The point is for this is that it only appeared to be absolute relative to a higher perspective that you can obtain, but there’s no way to say that everything is objective because all it is is another higher perspective. There is nothing that can “prove” that existence is real."

" I am really mad right now."

" It was only this. The world only appears to have meaning because all of it was a reflection of humanity. Humanity and the moral compass of existence. For you to know everything and to know you’re right was only this.

Beneath everything lies the reason why you were born. It was destiny. But destiny in a personal sense, how you truly align yourself.

All I can tell you is that to understand everything, all of it was merely this. The world is a program that runs to its inevitable end. You have to go back to the beginning where all of this was understood in the light of what the world was meant to be, not just conditionally, but in the sense of what life itself needed to be.

Everything else is this.

I will say more.

The only thing I can say is that life itself is already understood as one thing. It was the meaning behind your life. To understand that is to realize why the world exists. It doesn’t exist beyond this. To live. To be alive. That is what everything truly needed to be. Understand that."

Me: I don’t want to be accused of rehashing the same things. I need to know more.

" Sigh Who cares?

Look, it was this.

All of the things that seem to have meaning in the world don’t exist as the meaning that men ascribe to them. Not spiritual things, not physical things. These things exist relatively, not to some higher form of life, but the pure meaning of life detached from form. That’s all."

Me: I understand, thank you.

I merged with Nyarlathotep here.


" I came here to tell you one thing, the world is a dream and a reality. Yet both are the same, and the worlds come to their inevitable end. What do you think that is?"

“The end of lifetimes and the sages of dreams.”

" I will leave you to translate that. Let me give you some information. When you’re channeling. Channel from within, not without. You will get more useful indications that way. The rest will be a mixture of information you and other people need."


" Continue."

" The first thing everyone should do is activate their mental faculties. From there, explore magick their own way. Magick is both an art and as science and yet neither. There is no objective body of knowledge the world just was. And yet, magick is The Science.

It’s weird.

In any case. Explore yourself and your own issues more than you “practice” magick. Magick and everything that’s true is embedded in you. You have to allow yourself to be free mentally, emotionally, and internally in order to tap into the true powers of the world.

Everything else from that point in time is true mysticism. True mysticism is just the set of insights that come back to yourself. That true self is just the culmination of your own humanity. Feel the meaning of life embedded in everything. That meaning is yourself, and the resolution of these things is what it truly means to be a God/god. To be free.

That’s all."


“Anything else?”


" That’s all."

King Paimon:
" Simply continue your path. You will find peace. The rest of it is this. I am the arbiter of knowledge, and yet I am not knowledge. You need this message, so I will share it with you.

Knowledge is a function of mind, but it is also a function of being. The world is boundless even in a bounded essence, meaning that you give power to objects and concepts through their relations to you. Simply put, you are the arbiter of your own experience, not just subjectively but also objectively.

The point is is that there is no such thing as knowledge that is devoid of its own connection to confirmation that they are valid.

The thing is, your question is truly how to obtain all knowledge without the extraneous details that seem to plague your mind. Here it is.

Knowledge comes from within, it is not a purely reified expression of an objective world. You have all knowledge no matter what you know, yet to truly know is this.

There is a current deep in the heart of the Eternal that is related to dreams and memories, for the world existed in your memory.

To solve this issue, meditate on this current and then connect it to everything you think is true. The point is to coalesce the knowledge in your mind, so that you understand the essence within externality, which is what you want.

The rest is this. Expand without and then expand within the concept of form simultaneously. This will give you the expansion you want.

When you do these things, finally do this. Activate your mind. All levels of your mind in all dimensions. When you do this, drop all things within yourself, and let the flow converge and diverge at the same time within and without. This will activate all levels of knowing. That’s all."

" Anything else?"

King Paimon:

" You have to consider yourself as a knowing subject, not as someone ignorant. To solve all of these issues, the only thing there is is connecting to that source of knowing within and without. You have already done that. The other part is just this. You have to invite it inside yourself. Let yourself take it easily. Don’t focus too hard. Just let yourself play. That’s all."

" Thank you, King Paimon."

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One of my insights is that “Life” is also just one, gigantic chakra. :joy:


Academic Knowledge vs. Spiritual Knowledge.

“Knowledge” is what I will be channeling.

" It was this simple, Richard. To perceive the flows is life is why certain forms of knowledge appear as knowledge. It is the reflection of the atman into Brahman. However, most knowledge does not operate as knowledge.

“True Knowledge” is not knowledge, but I will explain.

The point is is that you don’t want to feel left out of the conversation, but the solution is this.

You have to reform the ability of your mind to process information, because it has been hardcapped by the weight of Saturn and Uranus. These forms prevent you from opening your perception further to get what you want.

All it is is this. There is nothing to be gained beyond the boundless, and yet the boundless is complete within you. If you understand the implications of that, it will become even more clear to you.

Everything else is this. There is no knowledge, but what you seek is the boundless and all that entails, and yet it seems that you need to know particular forms in order to embody knowledge in your being. That’s what it seems like.

The solution is to disentangle form from content. See purity in its highest light, and all forms will converge into the boundless. That is it. That is all."

" Anything else?"

" The point is is this. Don’t compare yourself to things, but it was just this. To solve this insecurity, invoke, evoke, and transvoke all of these insights during your meditation sessions. Feel, don’t think. If you think, think along a line, not separate from your feelings. That’s all."

With that, I dismiss him. That’s all.

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I wanted to share this if anyone could benefit from it, but part of what I channeled in one of the posts is not to feel oppressed by anything spiritual.

Even if it’s counterfactual, I legitimately got some gnosis that parasites and the reincarnation cycle don’t exist.

At first, I was skeptical, but the more I let the energy of “perfection” soothe my feelings, the more I felt it was true.

Keep in mind that there’s some context here. I believe I’m the only one alive… yet I still got diabetes.

Meaning that maybe that applies to me in a sense that life will always be good.

I know, seems absurd with the world the way it is. Yet, I think in a roundabout way it is actually true.

If this helps you, then take it. I plan on working on things more.