Changing who I am with magick?

What’s a way to change your personality to your liking with magick so just wiping away your current personality and replacing it with a new and better one… I hope this isn’t too dumb of a question but I legitimately don’t know how this can be done😂

I know the 9 demonic gate keepers pathworking does this but I mean a personality that I want…yes pretending to be someone who you’re not is a thing I know…putting on a mask.

But what if you could merge that mask to be your actual face…make you become that person…I feel this would require a whole change in perceptions at different aspects of life…yourself and just an all around personality change…

So in conclusion I’m wondering…instead of putting a mask on to pretend to be someone you’re not…how can you actually become that someone using magick is it possible to use magick to completely change your personality perhaps?

Maybe even this can be done mundanely just start off with the mask and eventually you’ll adapt to it and become it? Or maybe this can be done with inner alchemy perhaps? Idk…

Self hypnosis would be best for this and hypnosis itself is one of the more powerful and misunderstood forms of magick as well as the most abused and poorly applied. There are many techniques you can find and you should experiment to find what works for you then apply the changes you have set as the desire you wish to yourself. This is easier if you combine dream magick with it as the dream and the changes you make there with intention and clear direction are a constant form of hypnosis not only on yourself but also on reality if you do it right. It is one peculiar secret of magnetism to not just influence others and reality with your force but also dreams to undermine reality.

For sure, and not a bad idea while you’re waiting for the magick to manifest, but you don’t need a mask, and I think it’s not helpful to think of it that way, as you’re already telling yourself it’s fake.

Just pick one little thing you don’t like about yourself, and change how you behave for that one thing.

Like, if you get irritated when a certain person does a thing, maybe they wipe their nose on their sleeve, who knows, then change just that. Catch yourself in the act of getting irritated, and refocus yourself on one thing you like about that person instead, anything, the color of the buttons on their shirt, it doesn’t matter.
With that positive feeling going on allow them to be who they are doing the silly thing and let it go.

Smile to yourself to ground that energy, and congratulate yourself for being all reasonable and mature.
Smiling is important, as it activate the vagus nerves and some hormones that help settle this pattern into your being.

Rinse and repeat.


Oh and eventually you’ll adapt to that ig

First of all, it is most definitely possible to change who you are through magick. I have done this for myself, but i will also say to your comment about wanting to become that person instead of only putting on a mask of the person you want to be, is actually thing same thing.

Personality, thoughts, and emotions are all masks we wear. That doesnt mean we arent sincere for having masks, although some masks each of us have, are indeed insincere. Still, having a mask/s doesnt necessarily mean you are behaving ingenuine. They are just vehicle’s of expression. Who you are is only an observer. Anything after that, is a mask.

Changing your habits and maintining the new ones is the most important to this process of becoming. As you begin to change, the previous habits you identify with as “you”, can, and will take on many more complications until you adapt to the new “you.” For example, if you have always been a person who overextends theirself for others but you are trying to transform into a person who has boundaries, your previous self will jump in and maybe cause emotions of guilt for not going out of your way like you normally would.

Remember to vigilantly remain aware of yourself as you begin changing or youll end up where you started, or crazy, depending on how drastic of a change you are attempting, if youre not balanced and mature enough.

As for how you go about it, thats up to you and the types of practices you gravitate towards, but i agree hypnosis works if practiced daily.

Lastly, things to consider is that any change involves death, rebirth, and life. So incorporate these ideas when going about your magick.

For this type of work you can work in layers, changing little things about yourself step by step so it doesn’t feel like you are pretending but also so you can put good energy behind every little detail. First make sure you know exactly who you want to be and what is “lacking” in you currently, then evoke accordingly.

Just connect to your soul… and your true “personality” will take form… there’s no need change based on egoic preference because its still perpetuating karma, personalities always change based on growth, the soul is the sight that will help you remove the junk you don’t like because it’s just things you took on from others

You’re not changing who you are, you’re simply becoming more of who you are, it’s wise to know the difference before embarking on such an endeavor


Magick Advice: Dantalion.

Non-magick Advice: Classical Conditioning (to yourself).

Dantalion can change your personality?

10,000 hours to master anything they say

narrow it down to a few items

Jason Miller has an exercise in his book Sorcerer’s Secrets called the Prayer of the Perfected Self, which can be used for this. It’s basically an affirmation practice that is enhanced with an invocation to the Amelektoi, Greek deities who generate new patterns in the world.


Ask him. But remember the cost of such an ask is losing yourself, perhaps beyond repair.

Just changing habits isn’t necessarily enough to change a person. The most important thing to change is mindset. Habits follow mindset, not the other way around. It is why people start resolutions about going to the gym and give up even thought they did go to the gym. If the mindset doesn’t change, habits don’t stick.

What people don’t often realize is the personality is something we have constructed to to interact with the world, emotions are caused by unconscious thoughts we may not even be aware of, and thoughts are caused by other thoughts and the interaction with our environment.


“Habits follow mindset, not the other way around.”

I absolutely agree, thanks for bringing clarity here. I guess i should have arriculated myself more precicely. I tried to imply that in my statement about maintaining habits but you defintiely added a more rounded picture to look at. They work in congruence.

“emotions are caused by unconscious thoughts we may not even be aware of.”

True, and thats why i mentioned keeping awareness of self, since awareness adds strength of our intention, rather being swayed by unconscious behaviors and habits like an addiction. Choose your addiction, dont be ruled by one (strength emoji).

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You gotta build a habits and discipline. The purpose of magick is to make change. I like the book angels of alchemy by Damon Brand.