Changing something negative

I’ve always had this question but never got a proper answer for it. Since alot of people who work with magick are really powerful and can do anything we want, why haven’t we attempted to change something major thats happening so life gets more peaceful for everyone

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Because you are directly trying to change something other equally powerful people are working on as well. You have to understand all the players and interactions to find the path through.


Hello, I think about it myself. I am not new to magic but I have been walking the Black Magician path for about four years. I used to play a RPG called Mage: the Ascension, in this game the mind set of the non-magical had a strong affect on reality and the mages of the game often had to fight against it to make things happen. I think this is true in reality. People don’t believe in magic or feel it is “of the devil”. Quoting Michael W Ford “Magick is the art of causing change internally and externally in accordance with the will” I think while we want a change most want the status quo to remain. We are in essence fighting their will to maintain the Status Quo. I did a google search on religions percentages of the world and found a report from 2016 which states “monotheists 55%, reincarnationists 22%, folk religionists 6%” The second catagory would be Buddhists or Hindu for example and Folk Religionists would be us, well I am sure Black Magicians is at least 1% of that…maybe. So even if all the Folk people pulled together that is only 6% fighting against 55% to 77% of the peoples Will to maintain the status quo. This report does not account for Atheist so I am sure that is where the gap is and I am sure there are people in that category who what the Status to remain. These are only theories and I do think it is possible but it truly is a battle of the Will. I would love to hear other opinions.


Unless you count the rarities like my ex who lives the “great reset” most people are not really happy with the status quo. The problem is sometimes the changes people think they want are actually going to make things worse.

For example, the change I made to get my toxic great reset believing ex back. I thought it would be good for myself and my son, in reality, it was the worst thing for both of us, but I was so upset and taken over by the human emotions of the breakup, I did not do the work of stepping back from all that before making the changes.


I’m so sorry to hear that.
That does make alot of sense tho

I think what it all boils down to is that there is no unified idea of what to change. The change I wish to bring in is most likley in opposistion to what you want to change and as long as there is no unified will there wont be a massive change.

Then of course I don’t belive in that the words negative or positive has a universal meaning but the terms are rather subjective.

First of you asume that all folk magicans wish to change things.
Secondly you assume that all black magicans are folk religonist wich is not true in any way shape or form.

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