Changing Perception in life

So I was thinking about asking a spirit to help me change my perception of having self discipline.
Since it is something I constantly struggle with

Has anyone had experience with changing their perception via magickal workings using a spirits aid?

Any ad


I’m working on this atm. Affirmations, subliminals and working with spirits in general helps

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And I can say that the us government has mastered these magical Shortcuts when training their armed forces too
Think they don’t use magick lolol look at the “Pentagon” building
:star: designed to protect secrecy.

Anyways I experienced this in the Marines. They attack your identity and everything training wise is focused around identity.
They started with telling us there are two types of people that went to boot camp.
Those that wanted to be called Marines and those that wasn’t to BE Marines.

So I’m the muck and the yuck you make an identity shift and start identifying as a Marine or you wash out.

It’s the same reason doctors in white lab coats perform better. Because they can identify as a doctor better.

So the key to all magick ie: as above so below as within so without… is all about changing YOU. Or what you identify as to accomplish your goals.

Ask the Spirit to help change what you self identify as. Speak it out loud and start calling yourself it to. We told ourselves we were operators before we even graduated antiterrorism school so when we were freezing to death or on mile 25 and ready to quit we would keep going.


I love this comment and thank u I’m gonna to carrier this with me

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Invocation where you bring in different energy can do this, but tends to be temporary. Over time you absorb it and hopefully have learned new habits to stay that way on our own.

To make a fundamental change, you go deeper and look at what created your energy. Knowing this is part of the “know thyself” thing. This requires introspection and possible past life examination, and a lot of research to understand it. I find a mixture of psychology and energy working are fundamental to that understanding for me, as well as researching and being open minded to what’s out there.

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You don’t need a spirit to that. All you need is yourself, and the want to change things about yourself.

As for a spirit that can change your perception, Michael (archangel) is a spirit for self discipline.