Changing organs

So hera turned a man into a woman, who also gave birth, I’ve been researching sex change through magic, anyone else found anything? I believe changing a man into a birth giving woman is possible, even when science is not quite there yet.

Sorry, but it really is not. You would have to grow a new organ, namely a womb.

Magick can do a lot, but it can’t rearrange biology.


I struggle to accept that magick has such a limit when science is close, but I have no evidence to suggest anything other :sweat_smile:

You could look into shapeshifting.

The work of Willian R Wraithe discusses changes requiring DNA, though they’re not supposed to be permanent, and are aimed at turning men into animals, I could see this being adapted.
It requires probably years of work learning the skills to become adept.

Whether it works in the way he describes, or at all, I’m naturally very cautious about, but it’s certainly interesting. As the veil continues to thin I think it would become achievable in the same way I think permanent physical manifestation and de-manifestation should.

Never say never, but this is holy grail of black magik stuff. Most people don’t even think about trying to approach this, and I suspect you’d need to start with building a very solid foundation of inner work and energy control first.


I’ll have a look into it, I’ve heard both arguments and had varied quotes for spell, but no look finding proof of it working, between genitalia I meab

Maybe it’s possible. I asked Orlee Stewart and J.D Temple if they think certain things that people say are impossible, possible and they said yes but it requires a vibration/frequency that is hard to get into.

So you probably can, but it’ll probably be so much work required on your end that you just won’t go that route. You wanna change your gender ?

The interest in deliberately changing genders is very new in the western world. All the examples I’m aware of have no emphasis on gender at all, like, it’s not even mentioned - or it’s something foisted upon someone against thier will. It doesn’t surprise me if this is a new area of research, and I suspect you’re pretty much on your own.

What I would mention, is magick changes you. Don’t be surprised if as you do your inner work, your goals and focus change to more esoteric and less material things.

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I’d love to change my body to match my heart, I’ll look into contacting the people you mentioned for advice, thank you.

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All examples I find are too inconclusive, or the witch has no evidence and tries charging thousands