Changes since working with King Belial?

I have meditated on his Sigil daily and Evoked him once in the past week.

In past few days, I have noticed changes that are unusual. People I tolerated Bullshit from because it was just easier than cutting them off have removed themselves from my life ,going a little nuts in the process.

I have woken up today with no Nicotine withdrawals… zero. Most unusual on my first week of giving up.

I got a letter from a legal thing deciding in my favour to the tune of £2500,. I have argued this since March this year and it came out of nowhere. I don’t get the money, it was being claimed from me and is now accepted as their mistake at last

I wonder if this is Belial? Does he usually do these things? So quickly too?


When you evoked him, did you ask him to help you out with one oral of the things you have mentioned?

Because it’s really points towards it being him working in your favor, Belial is a very clear spirit and he likes clear communication. He does something for you and he expected something in return, much like a boss.

Belial works fast and he’s really great choice when it comes to influencing court decisions.

As far as the people that removed themselves from your life is hard for me to say that it would be his doing, I’ll say maybe, in my case he wanted me to face the people I couldn’t tolerate or remove them by myself in some other way. Perhaps he thought you needed help with this.

Belial commonly dislike addicitons so he usually helps out with that, one way or another. I had several addicitons which he has made me last through some times he helped, sometimes not.


Thanks. The smoking thing is probably him.

The other stuff, I don’t know but I am no complaining. Maybe people are just going a little nuts as it is a depressing January after Christmas.

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Maybe, we’ll see in due time. I haven’t updated my journal about him in months, perhaps I should in the light of the new year.

Interesting stuff to someone else work with him as well. I’ll be honest I used to dislike the guy, and it made me question him a lot of the time but he’s really great once you build a solid relationship with him one based on trust. So I think you’ll do way better than I did when I started out with Belial. Good luck to you.


I noticed a change in attitude. I’ve always been pretty quiet but since working with him I’ve noticed myself becoming increasingly aggressive towards people


Same with me among many other things. I’ll try to avoid derailing the thread any further though.


I can relate to that.


Please tell. I do not view it as that, I am interested and I don’t want this thread to be all about me. I want others to tell me their experiences as much as possible please


I think it’s absolutely him. If you started meditating on his sigil and then these things started changing, that’s too much of a coincidence in my opinion. And all of it sounds like things he’d do.

I’ve had very similar things happen in my life. Being quicker to stand up for myself was the biggest change.


I’ll try and list the things I am aware of;

Addicitions: alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine (coffe), sugar, video games, TV-shows. All of that has either dissappeared or taken the backseat.

Gone: alochol, cigarettes, sugar
Back seat: Tv - shows, video games, caffeine.

However still enjoy some of them at times but I won’t become addicted to them, like consuming alcohol, smoking, etc. because I recognize what they do to me if I get addicted and experience relapse won’t happen because of it, plus the rush or the feelings the produce doesn’t satisfy me any more. That and it’s easy to break addictions if I fall within their grasp once more.

Personality wise: before Belial I worked with Azazel - he was the first spirit I ever evoked actually, Azazel awakened me to the power and reality of magick and is at times guding my steps. Belial made my shy personality go away, I don’t let people push or walk over me and I am able to stand up to myself. In general I’ve become pretty fearless as I walk neighbourhoods after dark which people avoid as I must do to get home for example, no reprecussions, no fear from me, that doesn’t mean I’ll push my luck, there a sense security which I never had before Belial. More assertive I am better at getting things done where as before I was really indecisive and fell victim to impulsers and the input which I no longer do.

Magickwise: it’s very easy to cast spells under the influence of Belial, spells geared towards influence either yourself or others are magnified. Spirits in general seem pick up that you are under his influence and will basically give you a nod of respect, if you under his wing that is.
Belial is really great at influencing people and events in your life to make you learn something, usually about empowering yourself, overcoming fear of consequence or peer pressure which are blockages which stops your power and yourself to progress.

What to expect from Belial: the guy a powerful being probably one of the most powerful recorded spirits I know of. He demande respect but he will set it by example. He will show you what he can do but in return he expect the same thing of you. Being his disciple he will call upon you to perform tasks, and rites out of nowhere, he dislikes when things don’t lead to anything or stalling, when it happens he’ll insist on you performing the rites and trials he has set out. He will watch you intently and teach you whenever he sees you are not doing well for yourself, but you have to execute the order to speak. Belials path is one of self realization and spiritually autonomy through internal alchemy.


Thank you for that. I love it. It makes sense to me right now.


I could easily see him removing negative people from your Life. There was a testimony on Indigp Priestess’ channel where a lady described something similar.

Unfortunately I have not worked with him yet so I can’t really help.

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I believe so, for me I sometimes go off on my friends that I don’t usually and I don’t take any bullshit from anyone.

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Is it also true that once a Magician gains his respect and trust over time, anyone that harms the Magician will suffer harm instantly?

What do you mean by meditating on his sigil? I’ve searched it up but couldn’t find an explanation.

I play the youtube video called Satan and sons.

They have music and 108 repetitions of the Demonic Enn for many demons.

Quite a few on here use this I believe

This is not part of my evocation. It is separate


I see, I’ve actually seen a few videos from that channel. Thanks anyways

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Hi can you please tell me how to evoke king belial. Thank you

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