Challenges, Tests and ascension

Could you please enlighten me through the challenges you faced in your ascension process?

It seems to me that ascension is full of trials, test and endurance. I have endured alot. I am intrested in your readings.

Welcome, but please do a proper introduction, as the forums requests.
Where are you from?
What are you looking to learn?
What experience do you have?
Anything you’re not interested in?

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Two words: shadow work. The “trials” are about facing yourself and doing your inner work.

Anything else sucks but is just life, use them as opportunities to gain skills.

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While I don’t believe in ascension I do believe in a less “dramatic” concept of simply coming to realization of who you are and for me that’s been a kind of depressing but fun experience, knowing who I am as a person now, what my soul was and is while within me as who I am. I didn’t deal with any tests however, only challenge that repeated itself for me was self doubt.