Challenge by EA

So on his last stream on Tiktok Ea Gave out a Challenge to work with a demon for 90days as in doing a ritual everyday with that Demon. I plan to keep a Journal here for those 90 Days and everybody else is welcome to do the same on this thread in a orderly manner.

I have yet to decide who to work with for those 90 days and what i want, i want to focus on one desire so i will sit and meditate to find out what i truly desire.


Are you going to do the same ritual every day?

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I’ll be in it. I already know which demon I want to work with (and it will be a different ritual every day).
Do we post here or all start different diaries?

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Do you know what counts as a “demon” for the purposes of joining? Like, does the five thousand year old ghost of an Egyptian mage quality… the Christians would call him a demon but would you, as it’s your post here. :slight_smile: If so, Akash and I are in. If not I’ll join with Agares.

He did say “everybody else is welcome to do the same on this thread in a orderly manner”, which I would take to say, you can if you want to, and you can also run your own journal for it if you want to, it’s really up to you.

You could post a link in here to your journal too, that might be quite convenient. The forum software will automatically include a link back to this post from your journal, and you can quote it in the OP for extra clarity if you like.


i plan to do various rituals daily with that entity, atleast invoke it once a day and do a ritual to go towards the set goal i will have. Regularly meditate on the Demon/Being to receive wisdom and advice. Overall follow the given guidance and allign to the energy of the being. But i plan to evoke it and invoke it once a day always at the same spot to built up the ritual space for it.


everybody can Post here just do it orderly as in for example:

Day X/90 of working with XXX
Rituals done: XXX
What i noticed: XXXX

Of course u can put in extras in there and design it whatever way you want to but it should atleast show at which day you are and who you are working with.


While i said demon you can really join with any entity you want to work with whether its a div, goetic demon, jinn, god, ancient Master, elemental spirit etc…

Only important thing there is that you keep up with it for 90 days, have a clear goal and properly write down you experience.


Awesomeness. Thank you! :heart: :smiley:

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If I can’t do rituals, meditating with the spirit count ?

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u could just combine Meditating on that entity with sigil gazing to go towards what you want to achieve by working with that entity

Excelent !! I’m in with Mepsitahl. :heart::black_heart::heart::black_heart::heart::black_heart:

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I’ll likely partake, but I’ll be a late starter. I’ve got another week or so to go on two 33 day rituals and I want to finish those off before I take up another lengthy process

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Is there a start date for this challenge or is it any time you want?


Well, originally, Ea challenged someone on the stream who asked for some advice. The way I understand it, the start date is whenever the individual practitioner starts. It’s not like he is challenging all of Balg officially; it’s more like he challenged someone on stream, and I liked the idea, so I will do it as well.

You really can start this whenever you want in this thread. I myself decided to work with clauneck for wealth and to start tomorrow. The rest of the day will be doing prepartory immersion for tomorrow

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Day 1/90 Working with Clauneck to build wealth.2023-08-22T22:00:00Z

Now the day started off very interestingly. As I was going about my day, I felt the urge to look at various ways I could further my career and finances, which I did. i found a channel that talks about self-learning skills and then presenting them through certificates, internships, and the ability to convince the recruiters of mainly tech companies for really great salaries.

I informed myself thoroughly about this, and I will continue to dig deeper and see what kinds of skills I want to learn or even have already to bring in opportunities for wealth to flow to me.

Btw, this was all before I started the work with Clauneck. So it’s a really amazing start already.

I have then meditated on Clauneck’s sigil, invoked him, and worshipped him while adjusting my own vibration and being more aligned with Clauneck.

I had beforehand decided to introduce myself to Clauneck and just talk to him before starting any ritual work, which I did. Clauneck gave me a lot of wisdom regarding finance and money flow. He even gave me instructions to look deeper into certain things, which I think is him guiding me towards wealth.

I offered Clauneck some blood, basil, mint, dragon’s blood oil, and a frankincense incense stick.

He thanked me for the offering, gave me some more wisdom, and there I closed this ritual."

During the ritual, I felt a lot of sensations within my spine, chakras, and the frontal upper part of my brain. To be honest, IIstill feel the pressure and power in my spine, especially near my central nervous system. I saw a lot of green light moving out of the sigil into my reality," which I interpret as Clauneck moving wealth into my reality.

Feedback: to me this sounds amazing and a really great start i hope everybody else also has such nice results and even better ones once they start in this thread aswell! :slight_smile:


I don’t know if this counts, but I am on day 2 of the Spirit Feast from Jason Miller’s Consorting With Spirits. I’m specifically inviting Lilith and an incubus who I work with, plus I’m using it to feed a servitor I created. I’m using water and saffron incense as my offerings. I have a lot of trouble with visualization, so my goal is just to make this offering every day to the local spirits and feed my servitor with the demons I normally work with backing me up. We’ll see what happens. The first day, it was a bit like the start of a party, where it is just you and a couple of your friends standing around and looking awkward. Today, I got a bit more response. A little mouse-like spirit came to take a tasty morsel. I’m in a big city right now, and I felt like the spirits were rushing all around me, focused on their own business, but I was at least noticed. I look forward to seeing what happens going forward. I felt really good about it anyway.

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Day 3 of 90: Spirit Feast
I didn’t notice much of a change in terms of engagement today. However, I did a better job of visualizing a long table with seating spread out before me. Those who I specifically invited enjoyed it. I kind of wonder if this is going to be more like a dinner party than some kind of open invitation feast. Of course, this is just the third day. Anyway, I felt good about it and will continue.

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Day 2/90 Working with Clauneck to build wealth. August 24, 2023

First of all i have been having amazing results already i got a great buisness opportunity where i can do something really extraordinary for magicians and occultists and live out a passion of mine.

Many more buisness Opportunities have been reaching me. I have been finding new friends who are also into buisness and certain friends who are not are almost magickally expelled from my life.

The advice Clauneck has been having me combined with the guidance i have been receiving are astonishing to the point i am very exstatic about continuing this.

For some reason i noticed my skin cleared up and i look physically better? I am assuming its a result of maybe the invocation and the ground of Claunecks energy i do daily.

I have also been more energetic and in generall i feel like i am currently moving moutaind with this working.

Now to the 2nd Ritual
Once again i was meditating on the sigil.
I have offered Clauneck my blood, Mint, Dragonsblood oil, Frankincense incense and this time my gratitude aswell for what i have been experiencing on this day.

I heard clauneck just say “No Problem” to me thanking him in my mind. What i also noticed is that with clauneck my clairaudience has been clearing up really intensively.

After this i invoked Clauneck, Evoked Clauneck and asked him for wisdom and advice towards my goal, Wealth. He answered some of my questions with random noises appearing from my altar after moments of silence and others in my mind.

All in all this is going very very great.


I like this a lot. Although I have worked a lot with the book Lucifer and the hidden demons, I don’t have a close “relationship” with Lucifer, so I will take this challenge as an opportunity to work with him on a meaningful way. I’m still not sure what the focus of this work should be, what could I ask from Lucifer, what should be my main goal… But I just bookmarked a topic and I guess I will start the challenge tomorrow. Just need to figure out my goal first

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Day 3/90 Working with Clauneck to build wealth. August 25, 2023

Clauneck told me yesterday that i should do this ritual first thing after i wake up, so i did.
We went about the usual (Invocation, Evocation, Sigil Gazing, Offerings) this time Clauneck gave me the task to clean and organize my room as a step towards true wealth.

Great thing about Clauneck is that he gives you opportunities and then also helps you take those opportunities.