Chakra Merging Meditation (Old version, search for 'Redux')

Dear Rory,

i guess you allready understand that with the repulsing chakra’s you’re in working the dark tree of death.
In that sense, i’d say the power enhancing meditation is able to work with backwards energy, yet it’s going to enbrush ( i didn’t wanna say enforce), absorbive and destructive energies.

That’s what i got to it.
If you can focus it on a particular target however …
It’ll propably burn away the target into your favor and enhance you by the energy harnessed.

I only recommend such a working in a state where you’re a warlock allready.
Without such a motive, it’ll screw you up heavily i guess.

And - don’t forgett to harmonize inside of yourself after the working.
as this is stirring things up :wink:



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i got to add… working that heavy magick on a human target comes close to giving a death curse.
so please don’t do it, if you can’t shield effectively from a backlash!
It could easily harm you and close ones to you if the target is able to reverse curses sufficiently.+




@Yberion Awesome , thanks soo much for the input my friend. I will tread carefully😈

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Throwing in an update,

Ever since I started doing this not only has my breath been able to slow down drastically, I have noticed major mental clarity, and spiritual development in regards to magick.


I need to do this exercise more often tbh. Although the gains I get with it are a lot less because I’m always running at a high energy state.

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Since I have done it in such frequency ive noticed a lot of movement almost like the spirits are trying to breech the barrier of what we consider reality.

Okay, now I can confirm since doing this exercise on top of my ritual for inviting deamons in my home, I can say without a doubt I see full blown manifestations without any ritual being performed and my ability to meditate has vastly improved.

I had a friend try it combined with my meditation technique and damn he fell right into a shadow world like nothing, after years of difficulty.

I highly recommend this exercise for all especially newcomers.


Just wanted to know how would messed up energy centers affect me? After all the exercise is long, so I will need to pause it to read your instructions and then resume. If that makes sense? Nonetheless I am willing to thrust myself into this, but I need to know the specific negative effects that follow up if I mess up…

How many minutes between the break and you resuming it?

Less than 5 minutes to estimate… what is the max limit?

That’s nothing. You’ll be fine. I wouldn’t go more than 15-20 though.

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Thanks lad! I really appreciate the help :hugs:

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Pausing to read this shouldn’t be an issue, so long as you actually finish the meditation. It usually takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.


What happens if someone has blockages in their chakras?
Will the one chakra be rid of all blockages

Well, this meditation will clear blockages, but I streamlined the process and you can find it here:


I just did this and I feel absolutely amazing, after the “strange” feeling which really wasn’t that bad and I literally was breathing inside of myself through my sacral chakra and I didn’t need to breathe with my nose but eventually I lost focus and I had to breathe again and I did it right after. I did it while reading that person taking about inner breath, thank you so much and thank you Lucifer.

And you did the old version, do the new one.

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Oh shit I didn’t even notice, I’ll get to it later today. Thanks for letting me know

Its right in the thread title bro…

But whatever, hope you get good results with the new version.

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Lol true it was pretty late in the night when I did it, and thanks I’ll let you know what happens in the new thread.