Celebrating Magickal Success with Free Readings

Thanks so much for the feedback, you absolutely didn’t have to take the time but I appreciate it and I’m glad you got some useful information. The runes don’t beat around the bush much, do they?

For everyone else, I’ve gotten some confused PMs because of the slow speed I’ve been working at due to other business. I definitely didn’t promise to do everyone’s readings in five days lol. What I meant to get across is that for the five days I will be accepting requests for free readings. So first thing when I wake up (what will be, for me) tomorrow morning I’ll post here that I’m closing gates for new requests, and then I will be finishing up the ones I’ve received just as quickly as I can.

Don’t worry, I’ll get them done soonish, but at the end of the day it is hard to rush Free.

Cheers everyone.


Wow, Claidheam! Thanks so much for the reading. You really picked up on things I have been dwelling on in regards to my Ascent, especially how the physical and spiritual are entwined, but the focus needs to be on the spiritual, and to drop the obsessive attachment to matetial desires. That has been a constant struggle for me, being overly attached to physical outcomes.

Thanks again, my friend.


And thank you for taking the time for that feedback. I appreciate the question about spiritual matters, I don’t mean to denigrate the material and I personally seek integration of the two as a whole, but it’s always great reading about that kind of thing for other people - because people’s spiritual paths and circumstances can be so incredibly different and special, and I like the “free ride” of other people’s enlightenment it lets me cash in on of course!

I’m glad you got something useful from it, friend.

I also got reading by claidheam week or so ago… Despite of being a free one he gave really explained reading… Even took an extra card for me lol… Told me about some really interesting things which I had been overlooking…
5/5 for his reading

Thanx Mr. moderator :slight_smile:

That’s very kind adhi69 - thank you, and I’m glad it’s been helpful to you!

EDIT - I should also say that from here on I’m closed to requests for this - JimmyTK421, you are the last one on my list, so now I’m just working on performing the readings for those of you already on my workload.

I want to thank Claidheam for a great reading, and to Arkhilokhus for helping to decipher it. The reading was wonderfully detailed and thorough, just how I like 'em. And it was quite the adventure. Claidheam’s reading revealed a heavy astrological influence in regards to my question, which neither of us anticipated. Enter the knowledgeable and helpful Arkhilokhus, who contributed his in-depth knowledge of the skies to shed light on the reading. Thanks to you both.

Thank you for taking the time to offer some feedback. And yes, I am woefully uninformed when it comes to astrological matters, but that particular reading made it very clear how important it was for your question.

Thanks for providing the answers we needed, Arkhilokus, I don’t know how much of the reading Salpinx shared with you but what I learned about what’s going on in the sky is absolutely spot on with my confused but insistent reading! It’s really exciting to get that kind of verification on something that I was genuinely ignorant of.

So we both learned something today!

It was an interesting application of predictive astrology, and there were things you mentioned in the reading that pointed me towards some astrological factors that I might otherwise have missed. If nothing else, it was a reminder on how synergistic these different modalities can be when used together, instead of, “Should I use tarot OR runes OR astrology to decide what to do?”

I’ve already thanked Claidheam privately but I just wanted to confirm what others said. My reading was great, detailed and done very professionally. I can’t say how accurate it was since the question was about magickal aspect of my life but he did offer some solid advice which is actually quite similar to what I have started to realize in last few days.

Thanks so much! Best of luck to you.

Hmm, that’s odd. I got a message from you a few days ago Claidheam asking what kind of reading I’d like but I never heard back from you after that.

I got your pm, I’m honestly just incredibly busy right now and I’ll be grateful to feel at ease enough during my weekend to do your reading and maybe a few others! Please be patient with me but I’ve got to manage my own life too while I find the time to do readings. It will happen, and I really hope you’ll be happy with the result when you get it.

Hey Claidheim!I just wanna apologize for freaking out like that!I know your intent is to give me guidance from the Divine,not to advise me on what to do.I know I shouldn’t have taken my problems to you,bombarded you with a message,or the likes.The accuracy of the reading shocked me,at first,but the information given implied something that frightened me.So,you must understand that I just expostulated that over you.Thanks for understanding.

And thank you for the reading.Details were needed.Sometimes,you think it would’ve been better not now what lies ahead,but I disagree.How are you supposed to steer away from an obstacle if you don’t even know it’s there?

Oh take your time, not rushing you. I understand being busy!

Just thought I’d check since you contacted me a few days ago I thought you may have already responded to me and I accidentally deleted your message or something because I was clearing out my inbox this morning.

Arcane, don’t worry about it. But yeah, this is definitely your life to live if you get my meaning - hopefully you can get everything you need from me in that reading, and make your own decision wisely.

RavensAscent it’s all good. Hopefully I will have the time to fling some runes around later this weekend.

Just a public thank you to Claidheam for my reading yesterday. The reading was scarily accurate and dead on. I had never asked anyone to do a rune reading for me before, so I was excited about this as I heard the runes were brutally honest which is what I needed.

Thanks so much! The runes may not sugar-coat, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.

I also want to write a public thank you to Claidheam for my reading. He gave answer that was similar to Eva’s reading for me, but gave me another perspective which means now I can see the situation more clearly. He did a Tarot reading for me, with great insights, and he explained it very well. Will do what he advised. Excellent reader. Congrats on your Magickal Success!

Thanks a million.

Thank you for the feedback, and good luck with your own magickal success!