Celebrating Magickal Success with Free Readings

So there you have it, I’ve just come out on the other side of two really significant obstacles right on top of one another, and this is how I’d like to celebrate the power and efficacy that magick has had in directing my life in the way wherein -I- desire it should go!

I’m going to leave this open for a solid five days from this post, so if you want a free reading (rune or tarot, your choice), just reserve a spot here in the thread (that way I can go to bed tonight without first cleaning out my inbox) and I will get back to you via PM.

I’ve already cleared this with Lady Eva, and I’ll say it here for the benefit of any reading this: I’m not advertising anything, I don’t do this for money or anything like that outside the forum. I just really feel like this is an appropriate way for me to celebrate some pretty wicked ritual successes lately, and also give a little something back to this forum whose members’ knowledge (and questions!) has benefitted me so greatly!

Finally, there’s no obligation to provide me feedback of any sort. If you want to PM me or leave feedback in the thread, I will of course be extremely grateful for your taking the time to help me improve, or bolster confidence. But if it’s too much trouble, that’s perfectly okay. These readings are gifts.

Cheers everyone, I may be slightly slow in performing the readings themselves, but if you reserve one within the five days I will get to you, barring sudden hubris-inspired mortality.


Im open for a reading :slight_smile:

I’m down for a reading!

Very philanthropic of you, Claidheam. I’d love a reading from you as well.

I’d like to have one too.

Yes,I would love a free reading.

I greatly appreciated the reading you gave me just last month,and I would adore one.A general reading,or on my love life,or whatever you want,really.

I’ve also noticed most people haven’t specified whether they want tarot readings or rune readings.I’d prefer tarot,but do as thou wilt.

Would love one if there is a spot left :slight_smile:

Me too, if you have time please.

Add me to the list, and could I request that you do a rune reading? I have never had a rune reading done for me, and I find the runes confusing so I have never gotten a clear reading when trying to use the runes myself.

Oi, Claidheam. I’d like a spot.

Cool deal, people, I will find the time to get to all of you just as soon as I can. I’m going to do it in the order you grab a spot in this thread, before I move on to any stragglers that just PMed me - just to keep me organized. When I get to you, I’ll send you a message to make sure what kind of reading you want me to do, and what about!

You mind if I ask for one.

You’ve got it; this is going to be open all the way through Sunday. First thing Monday morning I’m going to consider it closed and just finish up the readings for whoever has asked for one by then.

Cool, I’d like one as well. Good to know people around here are being succesful.

I’ll take one

Could I have one please if you have time? If not, no worries :slight_smile:

I would like a rune reading :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reading I think it was more accurate then you think especially at a spiritual level. I do have a lot of questions that I would like clarified, but I ask about that later. Good read.

I would like one please!

If you have time for any more, I would love a reading as well.