Causing someone to NOT be attracted to someone else

How would one go about doing this?


Look up breakup spells, there’s a lot under that search string. :slight_smile:

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They’re not together.

It’s the same idea. Thee also work on friendships and business relationships… and you don’t do a breakup spell to have them pine for each other, they might get over it and get back together…

Seriously, try a breakup spell.


Read Goetia Pathworking by corwin hongrove there are are plenty of demons to cause mistrust, hatred, etc. Also look on his other books demons of wrath, demons of deception i m sure you will find something you will love. :innocent:

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Again, not really the point. I’m not trying to cause anyone to hate or fear others.

:innocent: :innocent: okay

An interesting take on this would be if one looked at it from the qliphothic framework, there is a specific qlipha/region of the qliphoth referred to as Gha’agsheblah. This specific hellrealms is ruled by the foul angel/demon known as Astaroth, here this ruler before being demonised has been tied to numerous goddess characters. Namely ishtar, inanna, and Astarte some of these had associations to love, sensuality, beuaty and attraction.

Why is this interesting you may ask, well the abode referred to as Gha’agsheblah rules over attraction and repulsion, the forces of love and disgust, if one taps into this type of energy either from the qlipha itself or Astaroth one can cause the opposite of attraction to occur known as repulsion.

Whilst a break up spell can/may work, this naturally assumes the connection is strong and usually takes forces which are more destructive and chaotic to tare to people away. Any entity can be called upon to do this even Abaddon the destroyer, any entity that rules over chaos and destruction essentially.

Although causing repulsion is often more straightforward and easily done, turning their emotions, thoughts and even deeds to betray their regular feelings or affection. So undoing the attraction through repulsion often has better results, although i would recommend a break up/destruction, if their bond is very strong and has been reinforced over time.

So like i said a petition to Astaroth may help or opening a gateway to Gha’agsheblah and in Astaroths name calling the powers of repulsion to enter through that gate and tie it to effigies/poppets or images of your targets with your specific intentions in mind, you could use this in various different ways. Candle magick, sympathetic magick, evocation and so much more, just anchoring those forces and direction that force of repulsion into the people involved and the situation, backed by your intention and will.


Glamour magick. Make yourself appear ugly and repulsive to them. Just them no one else.


I’m gonna be honest. My community college is 50% to 75% early college. I’ve heard rumors about teachers making passes on some of the girls. So, I thought that maybe I could stop that by simply rewriting the tastes of the teachers so that they are just not attracted to their own students.

Again, these are rumors, so I don’t know which teacher has made a pass if any. But I wouldn’t put it past an area like this to have a couple of closet pedos. I want to know if I can do this if it needs to be done. A way to quietly solve a problem without unnecessary conflict. It’s all hypothetical in nature.

Or perhaps a way to enchant a particular person to prevent anyone they’re not into from being into them.

But, C. Kendall, I will take this into consideration in case I find someone who would deserve this. Like if they use their looks to manipulate others or something.

Bind them, curse them to go away, get fired, or get caught, etc

So many options!


It’s more so a means of preventing future situations. But yes, if they’re already out there, I have a plan to expose them. That is provided I find any of them.

You can use Kedemel, the planetary spirit of Venus, It’s amazing. I have worked with him many times. It works very well to drive love away from women.

Kedemel powers: Encouraging strife, driving away a woman’s love, blocking conception, encouraging barrenness, blocking generation, bringing bad luck, destroying joy, and encouraging melancholy.

The sigil.

Honestly, I’d just throw a general curse about it. Call a spirit (one you know well, or Lucifer, or a ‘scary one’) if you want. I’d do like a limp dick curse if I wanted to ‘teach a lesson’ I guess. But just address it to the teachers who are creepy.