Cause rage filled hatred between two?

I’d call andras but I’m not sure if these two are actually in a relationship or they just really like each other it’s kind of hard to tell but she did me dirty. Real dirty. I won’t get into it.

But my goals:

  • break the two of them apart
  • no I don’t want to get together with her that’s not why I’m doing this. I just want them to suffer the emotional wreckage they gave me.

I am kind of just aiming to not ruin their lives solely. But to cause either one of them or both of them to start hating each other and arguing and all that crap because I could see some potential collateral damage that would be awesome for my eyes to see:

  • she looses any contact with him.
  • as a result she realizes she threw away the friends that actually cared for her and pushed them away.

Now I said idk if they’re in a relationship or not because I again am aware andras can break up relationships but what if they aren’t in a relationship and they just really like each other. So all in all I’m looking for a goeti spirit that can cause general hatred between two people despite their relationship status. Could andras do this as well? When it says he breaks up relationships is that any sort of relationship or lover oriented. If my suspicions in that andras isn’t the right spirit for this then that’s the point of my post I’d like to know if there is any others from the goetia that can do a better job at my particular goal.

I also wouldn’t mind the satisfaction in knowing both of them are suffering even though they separated. So maybe in that case andras is the one but let me know what you guys think.

P.s I could call lerajae but all I know in that sense is they’re just going to be pushed away. Yeah that’ll end my problem but I want them to hate each other, have a bad taste in the mouth for the other person.

Glasya Labolas, Aim and Gaap also have reputations for this. There is also a ritual in Angels of Wrath (by Gordon Winterfield) specifically for this purpose.

Just one thing. If you do call Andras, be aware he tends to have a tail of sorts. By this I mean that you are likely to get very shitty and rage filled yourself for a short while.
Its not like the full potential effect. The analogy I use is that you’ve just launched a missile, but the area around the launch site is likely to be scorched by the expending propellant as it launches.
I’ve worked with Andras several times, and every time for a day or three after, I’ve found myself inexplicably extremely filled with rage.

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Emotional wreckage might have been a strong word. More like extreme sudden long lasting disappointment and annoyance. Lol

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