Catholic here

I came here looking for information on Azazel.

I probably would have been like go away I am not doing that or looked at them like that are crazy.

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Depends I guess. I’d hope I’d be smart enough to see it for what it was. Unless that person had a strong energy and damn stern eyes…well, I’m most likely right there with you!

It’s not easy being Catholic and choosing your path. I chose the LHP. The child molesting priests were enough or me.

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Just going to say some things here that may or may have not been already said in posts above me,

  1. There is no heaven or hell those or states of being, vibrations of emptiness and horrible feelings and vibrations of enlightenment and joy ,
  2. Demons were just slandered by the church , they are not malovelent torturous evil beings , some are just as kind as any angel

Isn’t what a myth? Not sure what you were referring to there.

That priests are child molesters

Oh dear. Okay, well, if you’re being sarcastic, good on you because I have no idea. But for the sake of not appearing rude…nope, not a myth.

I’m not being sarcastic, my post was a response/question to red. And I was just curious, because all the priests I’ve talked to are really nice, so I figured it was a myth.

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No. Not a myth. It was a big scandal a few years ago, but it would take hours to go through it all. Not all priests…but there were quite a few.

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Perhaps, the best things for a Catholic to do are:

  1. Seek to find the message hidden in the Biblical allegories. The Old Testament must be considered symbolically most of the time. The New Testament is more direct but still requires understanding through self-knowledge.

  2. Read the Biblically influenced works of authors likeNeville Goddard, Ernest Holmes, Florence Scovel Schinn and others. The Secret and The Magic by Rhonda Byrne, despite the seeming fluff and commercialisation, actually do convey the critical essentials of the principles involved. All ritual/magic/spells work because of the “Law of Attraction”, which is basically not an independent/objective law but simply the real You.

  3. Read also the Kybalion by The Three Initiates.

  4. Read Catholic specific ritualistic books written by one Brother ADA. I haven’t found them for free online but a Kindle copy can cost as little as USD 6.

  5. The most important thing of course is self-knowledge via meditation, introspection, contemplation and mindfulness in every moment. You can also engage in any ritual work that interests you but not without this–at least, not usually.


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Yes, and also, institutionalized homosexuality/pedophilia/pederasty is common in lots of different industries and circles, not just the Catholic Church. The thing about the Catholic Church is that it’s a high visibility target with very deep pockets, i.e., a convenient target. Why do you almost never hear about Government, or Hollywood, pedophile rings being exposed and brought down?


I feel I should set up a Catholic retreat for those Ex Catholics who completely lost faith due to the meddling and politics of Catholicism itself. Everyone tires of worshipping Mary statues.

The answers you are looking for depend on the source of power, for now take a very high view as detail will confuse. The paths underneath organised religion still exist… their source of power also head in the same direction. You can still have RHP on the LHP without realizing… think internal departments of a business. You then have REAL RHP which follows different principles and where everything is powerless without the source of power that needs no introduction nor sacrifice to gain energy.

You will see a pattern and like me, predict the outcome over and over based on the principles.

Welcome, Edith!

Welcome to the forum. Voodoo is syncretized rather strongly with Catholicism, you may find it quite to your liking if and when you read up on it more. In terms of navigating spirituality in general, reading up on it more never hurts.

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I was raised Roman Catholic, parochial school and all. I am now a Satanist, and I can tell you it takes awhile to lose all the brainwashing and indoctrination, so I can relate to you, but once you know Satan for who he truly is and start your journey on the left hand path, you will come to know a freedom that you will never experience with the church. Being a Satanist is a very liberating experience, and your life will change. He is not some ugly red being with a pitch fork. The fear of limbo, hellfire and damnation will leave you, the feeling of judgment, restrictions and condemnation will disappear. He doesn’t want our complete submission as does the church and the xtian god, and he does not want us to fear him. He wants us to be ourselves, and to obey our natural desires, and our respect. On this path, you will learn so much. It’s something new for me every day. Working with the demons thru Lord Satan is rewarding. Do stay on the forum, there are many people you can learn from. Dark blessings, Divina


Welcome to the forum. There are quite a few different folk magic traditions that incorporates Catholicism into the practice, ranging from petitions to saints to using passages of out biblical texts such as Psalms. Might be worth checking out.

As far as demons go, like most things seen by man’s eyes, there are much more to them than what you see at first glance. The only way to truly understand them is to jump right into it when and if you feel ready to. But I would encourage following your own drum in the end.


Thanks for this. It hit home with personal things I am dealing with. I will be saying this prayer!


You are so sweet. Thank you!!

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