Casting spells out of spite: Effective?

I will be the first to admit that I have cast spells out of spite, certain that my intentions are/were true. But they haven’t been particularly effective. Is there something I am missing here?

I haven’t changed my position on the spells cast, and I believe that once a spell is cast, it is out there waiting to be completed. So, I DO take care to not rebuke myself in the face of the spirit(s) as that would be the equivalent of being a turn-coat on the spirit(s). I believe that could anger them and be a negative force towards them or a “check” against me in their eye’s; aka a “strike”. 3 strikes and you’re out! More or less anyway, right??

Lately I have noticed a downturn in my work with the spirits, and more study. I prefer to talk with Lucifuge Rofcale, albeit not into evocation but the lesser form: invocation. I feel his presence when I contact him and really want to offer him something for his patience with me and guidance. An offering of thanks and good will. Does anyone have ideas on that? As I study, I do not find, at least not yet, a good or pleasing offering to/for him. The reading I do doesn’t readily suggest anything that is concrete so I am turning to the forum to suggest any further reading that I may have not covered yet, or of any actual examples that other’s offerings made, including anything that would displease or anger" Lucifuge Rofocale.

I’ll leave it there. I can’t wait to read the responses. Hopefully I’ll receive many good, helpful comments that truly hit home on this inquiry. As a deity, he deserves all the praise I offer, but want something more substantial as a thank you and promote further good will.

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