Casino Bar-Back Needs More Tips!

I work as a part-time bar-back at a casino in Ohio, USA. I appreciate the job, but it only pays about $9.88 per hour. The bartenders give me a few dollars here and there for tips, but for all the work I do and the sh-- I that I put up with, I feel that I deserve more. I have already petitioned Bune and Nitika for wealth, What other spirits should I be contacting for wealth?


Lucifuge, Jupiter, Sol, Earth Elementals, Clauneck

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That depends.

Do you want more money in your current position, do you want a promotion, do you want a new job, or do you want to start your own thing? That narrows down who to work with, and also rituals that could be useful to you which do not include the employment of spirits.

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Anoint yourself with money draw oil.

Good answer.


Yes, and since it’s a part-time and on-call position, I’m looking for a more steady job. I almost had one.

Ghob, then, but he is going to make you work your ass off physically for it. It’s his thing.

Jupiter and King Paimon together, then. Mars might be a good aspect to add, for steadfastness and drive. Note: we are in a Mars retrograde, if that matters to you. Fire element is a good substitute.

The idea here is to add as much possible value to your actions as you can, creating an asset of yourself to others (Fire). This gives you influence with which to step into your promotion (King Paimon), allowing for the possibility of expansion and reception of grace (Jupiter). Don’t be shockedif it does not play out that way, though. Maybe a patron or someone you work with might see you kicking ass and get you an in at a more steady gig they know of. Leave yourself open. Jupiter expands, and sometimes that expansion is into unknown territory.

Again, Ghob can help with this, but the results will tend to be menial in nature.

Road opening rites are great for this, too.

And while some might call it mumbo jumbo, consider harnessing the power of citrus. Lemon, lemon smelling herbs (some vebena, lemon grass, ginger, etc), pine (especially red pine or pinion), van van oils, etc. Eat the citrus and ginger. Make satchets or oils from the herbs. Anoint the feet and hands and throat with the oils or even lemon juice. Go for the real, though. For some reason, essential oils lose something in the refinement process. Anyways, I shit you not, citrus is your friend when seeking opportunities.

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Well, I have plenty of olive oil and lemon juice here. I’ll use that. I already work with King Paimon and I’ll do another road opener ritual with Papa Legba.


Cast with furry and see your spells manifest!

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yepp, jupiter is one of the big ones. Mammon aswell.

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this can work (fire), but with citrus you are best with almond oil if you can get a little (air).