Carving a sigil (spirit) on a candle? What does this do versus non-carved candles?

I just got some candles (well had some but they were used and not the right colors I wanted), and decided to carve Lilith’s sigil onto them.

I did it for one (to “mark” them as her candles specifically – to be used for just her), and two because i believe it might add a focal point for evocations and things like that?

I looked up what “effect” or anything that carving a sigil does to a candle and didn’t really find an explanation to what it does versus just a normal candle without the carving. Does it make it easier to connect like how an open sigil does? Or like the letter of intent, the carved candle (when lit) serves as a “beacon” for said spirit? Although I know you don’t have to carve the candle for the letter of intent, but read that the flame for that helps the succubus “find you” or something.


It’s just a way to focus your energy on the intention you wish to achieve/person or entity you wish to target. Some people choose to write on paper and place it under the candle, others do both, some neither. It’s just how best you feel when directing your energy during spellwork or other!

Usually, unless I have a wide candle, I carve names/words only- if I’m using sigils I much rather draw them and place them underneath!

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Also note, I didn’t do an evocation but shortly after carving the sigils into the candle, I did feel a strong energy shift in my room. It caught me off guard, I was on my bed at that point and not near the altar or doing anything to summon.

It felt like her energy, same as the first time she came over. Big shift in the “air” in my room that is almost uncomfortable (like that noticable) and feeling of someone else being with me, plus the energy felt the same as hers did.

I actually got uncomfortable and left my room for a bit. Energy/air is back to normal now. Are their manifestations always that strong? Or am I just more sensitive to energies? The last time I KNOW she came over it felt just as strong as this time, and made the air feel different in a noticable way…like heavy presence (not in a bad way) but also warm to.

  • I do already have opened Sigils for her on the altar as well, if that’s means anything but there definitely was a shift in the air for a bit there*

Cool, these are neat ideas, such a simple way for better focus and intent. I guess if you don’t have a sigil, then a name or initial is okay?

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I did a the same thing. Carving the sigils into the candle. Took it a step further and covered the carved sigil with my blood as an offering. It definitely felt stronger than usual. Not saying you need to do this. Just did it myself and was surprised to see your recent thread/post. Felt like it was ment to be shared.

Be blessed

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A name should be fine, if it’s a spirit/entity without a sigil then having things on the altar that are associated/used to connect to them.

It’s your intent that matters. Having stuff like that helps focus that intent.