ok so i haven’t seen that much people talk much about cartomancy on this forum, (or really anywhere magick is discussed) but i feel it needs more attention.

i have tried tarot and i just cant get a feel for then and have a hard time communicating with spirits using tarot cards, then i found out about cartomancy, the cards are cheap and can be found in almost any store, they relay more like real life conversations (ex. if you got a 9 of clubs next to a 8 of diamonds it means the end of any financial problems and a new job opportunity). And there inconspicuous and very easy to play off as playing solitaire or something similar and no longer need to rush to put them away when you hear a family member coming.

There are’t a lot of recourses on cartomancy and in the beginning i had a hard time finding good ones but the ones i use i still use to this day

Fortune Telling Playing Cards | Cafe Astrology .com this is a good site if you want just the meanings of each card this PDF is great to for any info and general how-to (i suggest the witch with poor memory link in the beginning for an great poem on the meanings of the card i love using it)

So i hope this has helped anybody and hopefully convinced anybody interested in cartomancy and this great and low profile for of divination, to give it a try

Love, Florry


You may use search to find related topics about cartomancy or about any other topic; in that forum anyone may find a lot of things; sometimes they’re in deep yes :slight_smile:


The Illuminated Tarot: 53 Cards for Divination & Gameplay (The Illuminated Art Series)

Is great!


That sounds cool. I’ll check it out, thanks! I do like playing cards, there’s something about them.
It occurs to me, they don’t have a reverse. I’m still thinking about why that bothers me.

Personally, I’ve owned a few Tarot decks, I find not all of them want to work with me, or are as effective for me as others. There’s one deck I always come back to and I give away the ones that don’t resonate, including the famous Rider-Waite deck. It makes me wonder if you just had the wrong deck for you?

Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling cards are also really nice. They’re forthright but kind. My regular deck doesn’t pull it’s punches.


You need to find the deck that “fits” - after that you wont need cards at all. Look at the images on Amazon etc. After awhile you will get a feeling and won’t need a card to corroborate.

I agree that tarot , for me at least, is iffy in regards to resonating or feeling akin with the cards. I like playing cards and have a new deck I’ve been wanting to learn to use for divination purposes. Thanks for starting this topic! Thanks for sharing the links too. Good stuff. :slight_smile:

No Problem, im glad to help :smile:

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It just occurred to me that I found out playing cards actually are for divination originally. I forget which youtube or other source I found that out on but… they are meant to be played with, not in the poker sense! All the images are occult and have altered very little since they were invented. In fact Tarot cards are a spin off of playing cards for the same purpose. I’ll try to find that source again!! :grin:

And I have this deck that I love

There are many versions to read the cards, but first time in my life I hear this kind of meanings. Oh well I guess :joy: