Carlos Castaneda's path

Hello there. Anyone here who has worked with Nagualism of Don Huan ? Are there any books that talks more about the techniques of the way of the Warrior ? In Castaneda’s books, they are many of techniques some of the obscure, some more confused ones and I don’t believe that I can follow them, especially when the most of them are dealing with psychotropic plants and drugs like peyote etc.

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It’s a different way of thinking and I have several of these but they really teach through stories and philosophical discussion.

In “The Toltec Path of Recapitulation Healing Your Past to Free Your Soul (victor sanchez)”
which I was leafing through looking to see if it taught technqes as we’d like, I found this:

I think this is saying this path is not one that is designed to be laid out like university curriculum, you just walk it, mind body and spirit, step out of your front door and try, and find out where it goes. Without a teacher this tradition is going to be very experimental.

Another way to put it is, pick a question and ask, look for the answer, probably online first, go for walks thing about it: the universe will bring the answer to you.


I love Carlos Castaneda’s books, read them as a teen and that opened my eyes more into “seeing”.

What do we See? Lets get in Source consciousness and see the metaphysical structure of everything as seen from Source. I want to see how everything unseen actually works. Let us See…

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