Careful Saying Thank You

This is a warning and advice from Lilith; careful what beings you say thank you too. As they can use it to twist what you ask and it gives them power against you

I was asked to post this by Lilith


Interesting. Any chance you, or Lilith, could provide a brief example?

…and did she say this as a warning to you as well, as in be careful saying thank you to me, because in the future I can use it against you?

Well, that makes no sense whatsoever. Saying thank you does not give your power away at all, and I fail to see how it could be twisted against you.

Um…considering your very limited experience, at least according to what you claimed in your introduction, I would take this with a very heavy dose of salt.


Are you (or someone else on here) in the habit of thanking random spirits you don’t know?


Saying thank you is nothing but an expression of appreciation, and it’s a far cry from giving anyone power over you.


Saying thank you is a courtesy, nothing else.

Now, perhaps what the OP is really talking about is the act of giving thanks, which is more of a religious thing where you give credit to an external force for something. Like the people who thank God for their good, or Satan, or Lucifer, or Zeus etc.

When the religious give thanks, what they are subconsciously saying to themselves is that, “if I don’t praise God or Lucifer, then what I have could be taken away.” It’s a fear based approach, and not one most magicians on the LHP take when they say thank you.



I’ve said thank you to Lilith before and she was chill with it. Truth be told, it’s damning to not say thank you.


Actually it was in a prayer I’ve been doing daily; I do it to several beings.

The problem was actually King Paimon in this case.

If you don’t believe me ask her yourself

Are you sure this isn’t a test to see if you’d challenge something she said that didn’t make any sense? Those happen.


Actually it was for fortune; but two spirits in particular had competing views for fortune atleast from what I’ve understood. I was forced to choose between the two actually.

Why not?

Are you sure you didn’t misunderstand her?

Perhaps she was saying something like, “Oops, you said ‘thank you’ to King Paimon for helping you pass your driving exam, but actually it was me that helped you, eh hem…”

I’ve been trying to make a habit of thanking every human, animal, spirit, etc. that helps me or is kind to me.

It brought conflict between me and two spirits who preferred my attention and wanted me to work for them.

Saying thanks invited them both to interfere Lilith resolved the conflict and helped me reach an agreement with the king to be left alone as long as I promise to speak in the future with him

She asked me to post it so I did.

You work with them, not for them. Unless you like being a servant/slave.


That does not stop them from asking you to work for them

Or trying some force

I would kick any spirit who asked me to “work for them” to the curb. I’m not a servant, and have never been a servant, and if they knew anything about me, they would never have asked such a thing of me, so there would be no point in keeping the spirit around.


I would agree for the most part unless their very useful.

Look I’m just trying to say She wanted new magicians to be sure who they say thanks too as it has a degree of power to doing so

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Sorry as a final add; the main reason was actually a Wiccan I know who gave thanks to a spirit they assumed was one of the two. Giving thanks let them hook them very very very well

Ehh I’m so bad at phone typing the other event also happened I didn’t mean to imply otherwise

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I think the misunderstanding is in how you phrased it. In my opinion, the warning isn’t about saying “thank you,” but more likely about being wary of who you give thanks to in a religious sense, because there is no power lost in simply acknowledging a spirit’s help, just as there is no power given away when you thank a friend for helping you move furniture, but there is if you think your good is tied to giving thanks/praise to the spirit in question.

If you think you have to give lavish offerings or what you received will be taken away, then you are giving your power and authority to an outside force, and it can be turned against you. However, that can’t happen if you are simply saying, “Hey, Belial, thanks for helping me out” to acknowledge the assistance.