Cant get it up

Anyone know any good spells to make a guys dick stay limp? To me thats the ultimate revenge. If killing them is alittle too much. Imagine making it so they cant get hard again.

I remember seeing some spells for this over on

Edit to add - here’s one:

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Or you can use a spirit that governs sexuality…

Check out the Lucky Mojo they have a few spells there to tie up a mans nature.

You could also use the freezer spell I’ve posted before and replace the lemon with a pickle to represent the penis.


I’d use Saltpeter as a component for that spell. It supposedly causes impotence when ingested. True or not, the association between the two is there, and it’s ripe for use in your magical work.

The cusp, Ironically, saltpeter is used to cure crossings on sexuality in hoodoo.

How would one know that such a spell have worked? if they are not personally having sex with that guy?

Presumably you ask the target or they or the other party offers up the information. Most people that do that kind of spell on a couple usually do so to break them up because they want one of the people in the relationship. People’s tongues tend to get real loose once they break up - especially when bad sex is involved.

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Life tap their kundalini matrix. Kundalini is the energy of sexuality and inner power. Vampiric, yes. Evil, yes. Effective, hell yes. Have I done it before, more times than I will ever admit. PM me if you want to learn the technique I use.

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I agree with twf anything in hoodoo called tying up a man’s/woman’s nature and lol you could order some penis candles and needles and go to town