Can't get into theta gamma sync

I have been using the method of staring where the wall and line meet but nothing happens, not sure if i am doing it right. What do you mean by pulling your vision back towards you?

Well I’ll tell you exactly what I did and hopefully it will help you.
I have one of these gaming chairs that can bend backwards. I sat there. I fixed my eyes on the line. At this point you must just concentrate to the line and forget everything else. The line started to flash white after a little while, so i stopped focusing on it. I DIDN’T take my eyes off of it , I just stopped caring about that damn line (if u know what I mean). After that the line blurred out and in the corners of my eyes I started noticing smth like a white fog. Again I DIDN’T try to look at it, I just noticed it and didn’t care. As time went by the fog started spreading until I couldn’t see the objects in the room. Have you seen any cartoons that depict heaven as a really bright white space full of fluffy clouds? That’s what it looked like.
Hope I helped!!!

Here are the main components.

  1. Do not stare
  2. Do not concentrate on anything
  3. Don’t look at one particular thing
  4. Don’t try hard

Just sit in a chair, focus on you’re breath and feel the current of energy in the air move inward with you’re breath do this eyes closed for a minute.

Next allow you’re eyes to open still keeping with the rhythm of you’re breath, look to the space where the wall and the ceiling meet, the corner of the room, at a 45 degree angle.

Allow your sight to become very relaxed, almost blurred out. Once doing this bring you’re gaze to the air, try and almost day dream when you look into nothingness and the world begins to blur.

Do that whilst focusing on you’re breath, slowly pulling you’re vision back.
You’ll begin to see static rain, then inside this sprites that’s how you know you’ve entered the theta gamma sync.


how did yall manage to find this post lol?? the advice still very much appriciated,l

Pulling your vision back:
Stick out your fiinger in front of you betwen you and the where the lines meet. Stare at the space where your finger is, hold that distance with your gaze, remove the finger and stay concentrated on that spot.