Re: can't get into theta gamma sync

This is going to sound bonkers, but have you ever tried simply staring at ‘snow’ on a television set? This was how I first accidentally found out that I could place myself into ‘theta gamma sync’ (I had no word for it at the time; it was just weird-kinda-scary-altered-perception) And I have no idea what ‘pulling your vision back towards you’ means, or is done (sorry) but when you get there, you vision is def altered & you will feel as if you’re all head/mind/eyes, disconnected from your surroundings and almost looking down upon all that’s around you.


Pulling your vision back means moving your focal point (what you’re looking at). If you just stare at the line between your wall and your ceiling nothing will happen unless you also draw back your focal point.


Are you staring softly? If you stare at it, then nothing will happen. Getting into the theta-gamma sync is not something that is forced. It really is something that you “fall into”. Gaze at the line where the wall and ceiling meet. Since you’re just starting, let your eyesight go fuzzy, then back into focus. Drop your gaze to the wall so that the line is in our upper peripheral vision. then raise it so the line is at your lower periphery.

Also, as Verdanadi said, using something like the snow on the TV set helps. When I was a girl, and doing this, (not knowing what it was really), I looked at patterned carpet or wallpaper (which was in great abundance in those days). I let some parts of the pattern come to the front of my vision, then let them drop so others came to forefront. Something like that might help.

Also, try looking at a checkered surface. As a kid I used to do this in public bathrooms all the time, because I thought it was cool. You look at the middle of a square, and the lines around it will start to disappear. Then shift your focus to the lines, and the squares around that square will disappear.

But the key is to keep your focus soft. You’re not staring something down. You’re luring it out.


Do a search under theta-gamma sync by user the fool (my old name).

I wrote a method for getting tgs. It utilizes a pencil and seemed to work for some people here when they tried it.

Give that a shot and if you have any further questions, come back and ask away.


There is a thing called “Near-Field Myopia”. Basically, when your eyes have notning to focus on, they automatically focus at 3m (~ 10 ft). What he is sayi9ng to do is focus on something until you exclude the other items or images in the room. When this happens and all you see is the line or whatever else you are focused on. Then let your eyes become unfocused, the object will become blurry. Let your eyes natrually focus at 3m, and resist the instinct to focus.

At this point you can meditate, or do yourevocation. What this does is tells your mind to “see” whatever passes into your vision (part of the fight-or-flight instinct). When you are in this physically unfocused state, once you start to form images from your meditation, or a spirit comes as evoked, you are tricking your mind into thinking you are seeing it with your physical eyes, and will have less chance of disbelief, or being distracted by happenings in the physical temple, because you are paying attention to what is happening in your astral temple.


Ok so thanks to all who replied on my previous post and used the snow on tv method, but honesty how do you gaze and not stare? Im not sure of the difference

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I guess it depends how you define the two, “stare” to me seems like an intense, even maybe hostile or unwilling look, whereas gazing is what you do when looking intently at something you like, as E.A. explained here:

“Gazing,” however, implies a certain sort of relaxation, as well as a familiar and even intimate observation.

Imagine You Are Observing Your Lover…

To drive this point home, think about it this way: Imagine that you are observing your lover. Looking at your lover, staring at them, and gazing at them all embody entirely different emotions, thoughts, and even physiological states!

That’s from the newsletter The 7 Steps For Using Spirit Sigils To Get Anything You Want.


I define ‘pulling your vision back’ as focusing o the space between the object (sigil, line on wall etc) as in focus on the air between

I did that for like 10 mins. Nothing happens.

make sure you are relaxed and you will notice.

if you go outside and look into the blue sky and do it you will see thousands of sprites

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I had the same thing, but lately I meditate. Concentrate on breathing (count till four inhale/exhale). Empty your head. Gaze into the sigil and don’t try to close your eyes. If you need to close, try to close it gently.

Try guided meditation on you tube. From the Lights of Venus podcast.


The goal of gazing is to relax your mind and body, not to think about anything… then allow your mind and body to get in the state of “preparing to sleep” but don’t fall to sleep completely. Instead of falling to sleep… switch your focus to your magickal work. For example, stare at your black mirror or smoke or visualize the end result if you’re doing a spell…etc

If you want to know the difference between gazing and staring, here is simple way :

  • Stare at candle flame or one point on the wall or any object … just look at it and keep looking at it. Probably nothing will happen except that you “See” what you’re looking at !
  • Do that again, but this time, while you’re staring or gazing at that point or thing… relax and daydream about anything you like. Don’t take your eyes off the object of concentration and stay relaxed. You can listen to relaxing music if you wish while you’re doing that.

That’s the difference between staring and gazing, in my opinion. You’re not only looking at the point of concentration, you’re using it as a gate. What follows is the most important. That’s your goal from gazing. To get into that completely relaxed-sleepy state. Once you’re there, you can start doing your magick work. Visualize or gaze at your black mirror etc


Hello it Johnnie Come Lately. I don’t own a TV but I do have a laptop, can I use the star field screen saver at high speed (Warp speed Sulu)

Like looking but not focusing?

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Is it like focusing and then looking into the middle distance i think.
Pulling back your vision can be done without first focusing right?.
Is theta gamma sync when you get your vision to focus (or unfocus) to notice slight movement or kinda static in the air? If yes, i might be getting how to do it :grinning:???