Cannabis for psychic senses and trance

Hi i was reading an article that people in my country in ancient times used cannabis or hash to get into the trance state, and i have few questions about this.
I want to test it for evocation but the last thing that i want is being addicted to drugs, is Cannabis addictive? Can it help me to get into the trance state?
And can it help me to communicate with spirits if i dont have a developed senses?
How much should i smoke?
And what type of Cannabis should i use?

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It’s not addictive, but it’s not a psychedelic either.

I feel plant entheogens can help, but the problem is it doesn’t help you skill build, so its a crutch if you use it to get into an altered state and never develop from there to be able to do it yourself.

Also drugs affects your mood and can open you to parasites, while you’re in a state that is less judgmental so you don’t defend yourself.

Overall I think it’s interesting for the experience, but not a good tool long term and of very limited use for magickal purposes.

At least get your spiritual hygiene on point before going there.



How about shrooms and LSD are they addictive?

I find Salvia Divinorium is best for trance induction & communication, it only lasts about ten minutes, but you can redose as many times as you like without getting diminishing returns on the effects.

This drug is used by notable author Stephanie Connoly Reisner, as well as Shawn Martin Scanlon, the creator of

Smoking a pinch of 10x extract seems to do the trick, though be warned if this substance is legal where you come from it is extremely potent, if you smoke too much you’re gonna end up in a different dimension for awhile.

Both authors have a guide on creating a tincture tucked away somewhere, otherwise there are plenty of recipes online, I’m waiting for some to arrive in the mail so I can create my own tincture at the moment.

Tinctures are ideal because smoking it is disgusting, it’s the most foul tasting thing I have ever smoked.



I think i changed my mind, i will wait and exercise more and i found out all of this drugs are illegal here.

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In my personal experience, Cannabis mixed with my psychic senses equaled paranoia when I started hearing the entities that like to hang around me walking in my bedroom. BUT that ended with me hearing a disembodied whisper from the end of my bed (my belief is that this was Azazel speaking to me) saying “My Forces” before he then proceeded to sing a song in my head. So it works, just not in the way you’d think and it doesn’t happen every time.

You can also chew Salvia Divinorum, which is how the Natives use it according to reports I found on

It’s also not a psychedelic but can help trance state, but the downside is it often makes people feel very heavy.

No, not as far as I know.

You can also chew Salvia Divinorum, which is how the Natives use it

I have some plain Salvia Divinorium leaf in my cupboard which I used to make tea few times, the taste of the tea it makes SO repulsive you need like 6 teaspoons of sugar to even begin drinking it. I could not chew the dried leaf. It wouldn’t be easy for me to focus on the effects with that taste in my mouth.

I think a tincture with a few drops under the tongue to avoid the taste is probably the best method.

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I see alot of posts about weed on here. Personally i dont think it would help any but if you want a real spiritual experience i would look into those “retreats” somewhere in the amazon.

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I use cannabis regularly and I noticed when I do cannabis I can sense my little “beings”.

They hide in dark corners of my room, thru are little dark entire sent by my guides. Black and green little devils. They are so adorable and nice. One has chicken feet and one stretches across the door when he really wants to let me know he’s here. They are ordered as guards to protect me and my girlfriend as we sleep.

They like to play hide and seek. When I smoke they knock on things, and also cannabis helps slow my brain down more. They know when I smoke I’m more vulnerable to energy fluctuations in the air. It’s like a heaviness you can’t understand unless you experience it yourself.

Marijuana makes the experience x10 and one time Marquis Andras was in the room and after 5 bowl hits it’s was fucking terrifying but so beautiful. (He is my patron)
What helps you helps. Cannabis is a great thing to use when doing magic… just don’t get lost!! :wink:

Even my spiritual entities think marijuana is a great medicine for everyone just don’t go all ape shit and you will be fine.


It’s not addictive, and it can help get you into a trance state what also aids in it is if you listen to some Binaural Beats (Frequencies) because the altered state from smoking will help you maintain yourself at a certain vibration, which can also help open you up to more experiences.
If you smoke already it’s a great offering, especially if you’re meditating while you do it, but from your question I guess you don’t do so regularly so my advice would be to take a couple of puffs and than see how you feel - don’t just sit there and chief on the bowl, because that’s how you get too high which will turn a nice meditative experience into a panicked one. (Me and my ex did this often, though they had an issue with always doing WAY too much so it would go from a shared spiritual experience to me having to trip sit. Normally, I wouldn’t mind trip sitting but this happened every single time and they’d do it on purpose.)
Sativa is what you smoke if you want to have the energy to clean your whole house, Indica is what you smoke if you don’t mind going to sleep or getting a lil couch bound and a Hybrid is a mix of both - you’ll have a lil bit of energy but it’ll also mellow you out without making you super sleepy. (This one’s my personal favorite when it comes to ritual work, it’s a happy medium.)


All I can say is be careful. Idk about addiction, but I can say I remember having an experience I don’t think I’d want to have again.

I once ate a gummy that was supposed to help with my anxiety at an event. I noticed I was moving in and out of reality. I quickly decided I didn’t trust myself to drive, so I called my parents to come get me. They weren’t happy. I ended up walking around the building endlessly because the event was too loud. My brain just wanted to turn off, but you don’t do that in the city. I remember feeling as if I was a child who was lost and scared and far away from home. Eventually I was picked up and was able to rest my head. It could’ve been worse, but it was still unpleasant.

Some substances may not mess you up, but they can still dig up stuff you didn’t even know was buried and make you very uncomfortable.

I plan on trying it again when I’m in a better headspace. But I’ll be at home watching old cartoon network and nickolodean shows.