Candle wax intepretation

Would love to hear your thoughts on what this wax residue could mean/represent.
Admittedly, it could only be a trace of the bottom of the candle handle holder in wax – it definitely is that. But the shape of wax seems to carry some significance which I can’t decipher.
Any ideas?


I don’t know about the wax but you could scry into the petals?
I can see a pleiosaur, an anteater and a dragon… probably just pareidolia on my part though, it needs to mean something to you to connect you through to a message from spirit.


Is that a seven day candle?

Thanks for sharing your ideas, Maulbeere. The symbol reminds me of something, I just can’t recall. It’s hidden away in my subconscious. By the way, I had to google the first two animals - very cool!

Nah, just a mini red candle.

Ok. Gimme some time. I’ll take a look.

thanks mate. Appreciate it.

The whole image gives me a sense of something infinite or eternal. Continuous.
The petals around it show all things whither and fade in time. Even the stone, something seemingly strong and fortified is cracked and eroded.
But through all of that, one thing remains perpetual and constant, signified by the circle created by the candle. Something intangible. Like the eternal soul within you, represented by the two circles one inside the other.

Thats what I see when I look at it.

That’s a really beautiful interpretation. I’ll need to think about that one!
Thank you!
That stone by the way, is the corner of Kali Devi’s altar

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It’s a really beautiful picture :slight_smile:

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Feeling like pareidolia too, i just see a gray man punched,pulled and pushed on all directions by arms trying to take him in places he dosen’t wants to go!

very interesting