Candle meditation

So as I began to do some candle meditation, Lucifer give me a few tips to make the candle meditation more powerful. Here is how I performed the meditation.

• Sit comfortably so you are relaxed and there is no tension.

• Light the candle and begin to gaze into the flame, preferably into the brightest and hottest part of the flame.

• Take a deep breath in through your nose and gently breathe out through your mouth as if you were blowing intention via your breath.

• Place your fingertips together and keep on breathing as mentioned above.

  1. Next place your palms across from each other to create an orb of energy, breathing your intent into it whilst still gazing at the candle.

  2. Feel the orb grow into a Dark Star as you continue to gaze at the candle and maintain the same breathing method. Move your palms gently to and fro from each other so you can feel the weight and the pulsating of the Dark Star.

  3. Next slowly raise your palms up in front of you so they are facing out. Continue to gaze at the candle flame and breathe in the same way. Gently and slowly move your palms to and fro and feel the energy go out to the flame and come back to you.

  4. Turn your palms so they face each other and bring them together slowly so you feel a shockwave of power. While your palms are together, create the Black Diamond so you can gaze at the flame through the center. Inhale deeply and exhale gently through the center.

  5. From the Black Diamond return your palms to face outwards as you still gaze at the candle. Breathe in the same way as in the other steps.

  6. From your palms facing out bring them to facing opposit each other and create the Dark Star. Keep gazing at the candle flame and breathing the same as in the other steps.

  7. Slowly bring your fingertips together while still gazing at the candle flame and using the same method of breathing.

  8. To close the meditation, take a breath in and move your palms upwards as if you were drawing a circle with hands and gently press down towards your stomach. Repeat this for a total of three times.

I just wanted to share that with you. Please let me know your experiences as this has just been created this evening.


This is great! Definitely bookmarking the next time I wind down & meditate.

Feel free to copy it into your book of shadows :metal: