Qigong and Meditation and Candle Meditation Rituals - new experience

Greetings to all you amazing people on here. I have just performed my qigong and meditation ritual and my candle meditation.
A unique meditation ritual
Candle meditation
Before starting these two rituals, I lit some incense (Sandalwood) and a white candle and rang my altar bell to start the ritual. As I began with the warm up exercises I said this out aloud:

“Lucifer I ask you to join me in my rituals. I would be honoured if you did. Let our energies bond and become one. You may possess my body and mind until the rituals end. I will say ‘So it is done’ and I want my mind and body handed back to me. You may do this in these rituals only until I deem otherwise.”

As I performed my standing qigong in front of the mirror, (eyes open) I could see my face change, with my features constantly shifting into new ones. My aura was bigger than usual and an intense heat engulfed me. This continued until the standing qigong time was up.
Seated meditation was very calming.

After the above ritual was complete I then sat on a small stool in front of a candle which was placed on Lucifer’s altar. I then said this prior to starting:

“Lucifer I ask to show me what I need to see so it may aid me in developing my psychic and spiritual awareness.”

As I gazed into the candle flame I could see it’s aura holding an image of small defined reptile scales with some of them being very defined. I also noticed very tiny orbs with tails flying out of the candle, the candle was not hissing or spitting and was burning with a strong tall flame about 2 inches high. Each hand gesture I changed into the candle would flicker and dance and the image in the candle’s aura would change and the second image looked like 1000’s of bright little, round eyes looking out at me.The aura of the candle would move as all these eyes gazed at me. A few hand gestures later, the flame flickered and danced and the image in the aura changed back to small defined reptile scales. More tiny orbs with tails flew out the flame of the candle. As I was approaching the end of the candle meditation, and with only a few hand gestures left to perform, the candle flickered and danced a final time, it’s aura withdrew into the flame and the flame shrunk down to an inch.
I finshed up the candle meditation and said “So it is done,” and rang my altar bell to end the ritual.