Candle Magick Possibilities

Hi Magi,

Im new to candle magick. I read several posts on the site to what can be achieved using this type of magick, found some examples. But I want to know more.

I am curious to know your experiences of

  1. What you have already achieved using this type of magick?
  2. What is possible using candle magick?
  3. What are the limitations you have found so far?



There’s no limitation in magick unless u make it


What you have already achieved using this type of magick?

A medium level binding wish

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Curses and love spells. All the candle is, is an object to charge, burning it releases the energy in my opinion, also, it’s a focal point for ones will. Kinda like scrying into a flame alters the state of mind.

In my opinion, everything in magic is bullshit in a sense. There’s nothing inherently powerful in a candle, or any other tool unless you make it so. It’s just other ways to get into the proper mindset to push your will. Candle magic in my opinion is just a different way of accomplishing the same thing as creating and burning a sigil in chaos magic. To me, that’s what is important, ones will.

Could you be more specific about the binding?? :stuck_out_tongue:
e.g. binding your enemy, or binding a person to not do something, etc.
You could PM me if you want to disclose it publicly, if you want :slight_smile:

@Justin: Do you have links to any simple curses and love spells that actually worked for you?

Thanks All.

I haven’t used anything specific, everything I did I came up with myself basically, tailored to the situation, whether it be incantations or symbols, dieties called on to help, etc. If I get a chance later I’ll write some incantations or chants that worked for me up, just got to work.

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Cool, NP.
Pls let me know if you do.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Sure I’ll pm you

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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According to EA in Works of Darkness, you can perform candle magick for anything. However, the effects are not as powerful or as lasting as those accomplished through evocation.

i have used one of EA’s candle spells for money with success.


I am not against evocation at all. But when you do that, you are outsourcing the work (magickal part of the work) to a daemon/spirit while you still have to do the mundane part.

Thats the reason I want to develop/learn some skills so that I can perform the magickal part of the work myself, so that one day I could be INDEPENDENT :slight_smile:

Candle magick is one of those tools. Hence I must learn and master it :slight_smile:

I’ve had success with money , love, control and binding.

However I have little patience for letting a candle burn out and I need to DO something. Channeling energy, sending out servitors, dance and sex magick work much quicker or are a good addition.


Is there anyway to make an effect of a spell permanent? Obviously besides death Magick haha

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Could you tell me more about specifics of your workings and the results. You can PM me, if you dont want that info to be public :slight_smile: I wont leak it :wink:

Yeah, candle magick works, but it would be awesome to make the results last longer/permanent :slight_smile:

Maybe combine it with Hoodoo bottle jar spells/mojo bags and make it in the form of a binding spell. That would be better than normal candle spells.

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Yeah man the only thing I can think of is repeating the spell over time so it creates a permanent effect

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I never said that candle magick wasn’t something to be mastered. i just quoted what EA said about it in his books. He does start both Works of Darkness and Baneful Magick with candle spells, and as he also wrote, “all that brings power must be sought.”

@Csiriso yes, it is possible to make the effects of candle magick permanent, but it requires many repetitions of the same spell, if you don’t combine it with something else. In EA’s candle curses in Baneful Magick, for example, he states that they will sicken your target, but the chances are very low of killing them, unless you repeat the spell over and over again, resulting in a cumulative effect.


Plus create a custom sigil from the intent and put it inside the jar and put the jar on the altar and turn the jar into a servitor :joy:

Plus keep feeding it Fire + Air = Candle/Oil Lamps + Incense Sticks.

That would sure amp up the results many times over !!!

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So would you say sigil magic would be better for permanent effects, like for control over a person, or to accumulate large sums of money?