Candle holder broke while doing a ritual with Lucifer and Bune

Need help! I did a money ritual with Dutchess Bune and Lucifer today. Bune asked me to light a candle and manifest for money and business opportunities. So I did that today. When it was about to go off, I heard a clink and the glass candle holder broke. I don’t know what this means. Could anyone tell me what this could mean? IMG_20210108_154306|375x500

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In my opinion, it doesn’t mean anything. Candle holders break. If there is a flaw in the glass or the flame gets too hot, it will crack. It happens. I wouldn’t read too much into it.


Well then I really wanna beleive the same. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

E.A says there is the mundane explanation and the magical explanation! If you are doing magick go with the magical explanation!
The mundane explanation to this is the glass breaks if it heats up and gets a sudden rush of cold!
The magical explanation is that you put too much energy in it that the build up of energy needed to go somewhere so broke the glass! It is a positive indication that your spell is working and also the sudden scare you got is the moment that the intention passed to your subconscious! Its like what they call a sigil bomb! Check this to get what I mean!


I’ve had only one incident where the cabdle holder (which was very thick crystal glass) broke, which I found to be a sign if success as the banishment spell was strong enough that I have to put quite a bit of thought to remember my target’s name. Why don’t you do some form of divination revolving around the outcome of your request such as tarot or coin divination?

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I need to try that. Let me see which divination I can do. Thanks btw :relieved:

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Hey, thanks a lot! Am glad to hear it’s positive. Also the video is very interesting. :+1::+1:

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Yeah typically a glass will do that if the flame gets too close to the glass for too long - the glass by the flame expands too much and the cooler glass away from the flame doesn’t, the difference causes a stress fracture.

Use ceramic, stone or metal candle holders.


I had this happen but I wasn’t doing any magick. It was a glass cake pan on the counter. I walked into the kitchen and it shattered ha. I’m pretty sure it was cause of the heat. It was dead summer and super hot.

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Maybe Bune and Lucifer were trying to give you a sign that they’ve acknowledged your ritual?


Sure, l’ll buy new ones. Thank you! :+1:

I was guessing that and contacted Bune, she said the same. :grimacing:

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Noted :+1: thank you!

Called it. :grinning:

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