Candle for evoking

So I saw a rite recipe for evoke demons by Ea and I should use a black candle but I have just a Used white candle and 4 new red candle(inside Its white) And all the store is closed and I cant find any black candle. And an another question. Can I use for example 2 incense or 3 to see more smoke?

Btw I’ll evoke Bune

It’s fine. The day you let other people control your rituals over something as dumb as candle color, is the day you admit you’re not a mage, you’re a sheep that just wants to do as he’s told.

Think about it, did they have colored candles for the old grimoires in the middle ages? Are you going to fail putting your intention in because the color doesn’t match your curtains? No.

YOU are the operator, act like it… TRY it and make it work.


Thank u sm. You are legit af:)

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Totally awesome advice
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As said by @Mulberry it’s really more about intent,

EA would tell you himself that colors don’t matter to get results, they are just tools and their colors are just a bit more helpfull depending what you want, red will always provoke thought of love & sex that’s why it’s recommended for those workings, but could you still do it with a black candle ? Hell yes, because the real work happens inside you with your internal transmutation of emotions/visualisation + intent.

You could have no candles at all and make it work too