Cancelling the influence of a planet, particularly Saturn

Besides the hexagram rituals, how can this be done, particularly within a certain astrological house?
Besides Azazel and his legions, who else would be affected by the cancellation of Saturns influence?
What gods can assist with this?

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An idea that comes to mind is to draw the Kamea for Saturn from the three books of occult philosophy on a piece of paper, activate it like a sigil while programming it to represent what you are trying to cancel in terms of Saturn, draw the seal for Saturn and activate it, place the two pages together facing each other and bind them with string. Store away out of sight until the need to release it comes.

No idea if this will work but it is something that comes to mind


Basically trying to cancel Saturn in my Seventh house of Taurus. Trying to cancel its limitsation and restriction, and any chance of early demise. If it is trying to teach me something, it needs to adopt a better method of teaching than making me consistently poor.

Plus, it will be of aid in future rituals for myself or others to effectively consistently banish the planet in question.


Soo, besides the Rituals of the Hexagram or a pentagram traced over it cancelling its influence, how would I activate or program the seals?

I am not very skilled with Astrology but the Kameas from the book I mentioned are magic squares the author viewed as physical representations of each of the classical planet’s influences. So you may add the specific aspects associated with your chart you want to seal, as there are probably aspects of it you may want to keep, such as a sense of boundaries with relationships.


Also, would I have to cancel the houses that Saturn rules? This could get a bit messy.

I have found that they can be activated and programmed the same way as any sigil (gaze at it, visualize the lines and numbers being formed with energy, charge them with words that match your intentions). It has been awhile since I read the book so I cannot recall whether or not there was a specific ritual in it for their activation.


I would look into Frater X´s video about it:

But I would not cancel out any Saturnian influence from my life, because through @Dralukmun method you not only bind the negative aspects of Saturn but also the positive ones. You will also lose your authority, structure, a sense for responsibility etc. The downsides just outweigh the upsides in my opinion.

I would rather invoke sol and lunar respectively or even make offerings to the great Saturn on his planetary day and hour.


Well, his influence is murdering my life, so something has to be done.

My experience with Saturn is that he is going to fuck you up badly if you aren’t responsible and overcome obstacles that he places in your way to grow. I don’t know you, nor do I have the right to judge you, but I would do a lot of introspection if I was you and see if I messed up on my journey or failed to be responsible when I should have and try to clear that mess up.


@anon86858314, @Mulberry, @Lady_Eva , any advice since you know a bit about Saturn; as well as the others who have replied with great advice?

Would it be just as effective to go to a Judaic temple during a Saturday Sabbath and make an offering there? YHVH is also Saturnian, as he resides in Binah. Also, that brings up Satariel as well. What would Lucifuge Rofocales influence in this along with Azazel? What are they all trying to so desperately teach me?

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I like @Dralukmun’s advice.
That comes across to me as working similarly to the latest tech in noise-cancelling headphones, and provides a technique to use to do that. This tech allows conversational sound through, but cancels loud bands and vibration, like plane engine noise, construction machine noises etc.

For you this means cancelling the negative effects of Saturn - challenges, delays, restrictions, responsibilities and limitations - but keep the positive - hard work, delayed gratification and perseverance.

The tricky part will be in setting the intention for the square just right.


Would do you think about creating sigils out of what he wants to seal with the saturn Kamea and then placing the seal over those as opposed to the square itself?


Yes, the choice of word(s) to make the sigil(s) would be critical.
I figure this would be ideal for @Nightside because he’s been talking about squares and is already used to using them.

It gets tricky for me to advise of the use of squares to make sigils, because that’s not how I typically prefer to do it, so my experience with squares is pretty lacking and limited to the Kingdom of Flame, which uses squares directly like portals. Personally, I would channel a unique sigil from my spirit. Piggy backing on my current research, I’d do this similar to how remote viewers use gestalts, by visualising myself in the place I want to be, setting that as the target with co-ordinates, and then automatic-writing the sigil.

If I needed more words, I’d shrink them, and place them clockwise in a circle with a circle around them all. Or I’d go extra woowoo and use Circular Galifreyan (made-up alien language from the TV series Doctor Who) for the chosen words, but that’s getting into chaos magick I guess, and I’ve worked with that successfully before so there’s less of a doubting “will it work?” issue for me. :smiley:


Well, you’ll have to look to the 8th House for that. Any planets within it, as well as the 8th House Lord, which in your case would be Mercury.

Ah, Gemini.

So accentuate the positives is what were thinking?

So as i understand it this is what the planetary seals are originally at least as far as sealing off planetary influence. But this is ALL it’s influence both positive and negative, something to keep in mind when you do this so the effects don’t catch you off guard.

Where as the squares are for invoking planetary energies.

As to the astrological houses there are ways to balance out potential energetic headaches though various rituals but that is best done after analyzing both your chart and the effect a given transits may be having on it.

But to my understanding not entire astrological houses. Not sure why you would want to as it would create a massive imbalance that i suspect would have one hell of a shift everywhere else when it tries to correct the imbalance.

There are plenty of times i thought somethin sketchy was a afoot when i found out it was just a rough cluster of transits over a specific aspect of my chart which manifested as a short bout of work or home drama. The key to differentiate between a transit kicking your ass and a potential curse is keepin occasion eye on patterns if enough weird crap is going down.

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I would still recommend invoking Saturn and making the promised planetary donation. That way you don’t have to worry about the wording and possible side effects from such an experiment as using the sigil, as well as harming your relationship with Saturn. Vedic astrology has a lot of useful methods to countering negative influences, the planetary donation being one. It is also safe, so long as you fulfill the vow.

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