Can you send goetia or powerful demons to attack your enemies?

So last night I was in a good mood heading home when suddenly a car full of some people stopped by my side and they threw trash at me. They drove off while laughing I was so mad because I did nothing to them, I asked my succubus to attack them but she refused. Now that I know spirits like Belial and Andras want to work with me, can I ask them to attack back for me?


Of course you can. A lot of people primarily use demons to harm others. Baneful magick is an art all its own.


That’s so nice I will give it a shot, out of all these demons who want to work with me, which would you say is most effective? Bael, Andras, Belial, Naamah, Agrat, Agares, Bifrons and Astaroth.

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All of them can be utilized for baneful work, but Andras is the one known to be most dangerous.


I would expand a little on this and point out to the OP that Andras some has a bit of a wake. Kind of like when a big ship passes by. Ie, be wary of yourself and those around of you suddenly having foul moods and being argumentative for the next day or two after the working. Its something that not only myself but some others here have noted.


Okay I will try another thanks for the warning I have also heard the same on other communities. Any of the others I mentioned who are more easier and forgiving?

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Andras is fine to work with, just be aware of the potential side effect is all.
A lot depends on what you’re after. Do you want to cause conflict between people? Or physical harm? or financial loss? Its worth shopping around, if you’ll excuse the term, for an entity that specialises in the effect you are seeking to achieve

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I would be glad to see their friendship destroyed as they were clearly some assholes who were up to no good


The go tos for that tend to be:
-Glasya Labolas

Probably some others but those tend to be the go to’s.


Yes, yes you can. Andras has always been very happy and willing to aid in my baneful work, so has Abaddon
Although, my (not very surprising) theory is…
You know how the Ars Goetia notes how many legions of demons a certain demonic lord has under it’s control?
Well if you ask Andras, for instance, to go and cause chaos and havoc among your enemies. Or even ask him empower the spell you do. He probably does not go there in person most of the times. He will probably send out the parts of his 30 legions that are best equipped to fulfill the request.

On the topic of sending out devils to do you dirty work. You might want to check out The Devil’s Grimoire by Moribus Mortlock. It’s a small grimoire , interesting system and relatively cheap (especialy if you get the Kindle version) and I’ve had some pretty good results the few times I’ve used it.


Interesting. This post just inspired me to get this on kindle. Can I ask which ones you got results with and how they effected the targets? Also did they kick in quite quickly?


I personally have used some Goetic entities to destroy an entire gang group that was attacking some folks I care deeply for

As of today, some of these people are in jail, some are dead Flauros (Haures) took their souls and one faction of these gangs are completely in shambles and lost the notoriety they once held. The group that seemed to most they were unstoppable due to their sheer size in numbers are now all divided (those that are still alive) and killing each other

Though I might suggest that it’s beyond a necessity to be absolutely certain beyond any shadow of a doubt that you indeed want and need to harm whomever your targets are for once the energy has left and place upon the hands of these entities, I doubt it can be recalled back - I had to learn that the hard way

Have you considered sending the negativity that was sent towards you back to them?? I mean Andras is pretty f-king dangerous and bring death with him. He basically is the entity that kills especially when used in baneful work

One advice I’d give someone, anyone - is before you go out and get bloom on your hands, make sure it is absolutely necessary and there are no other options left - taking a life ain’t no small task

I’m also opening myself to contractions by encouraging you to listen to your higher self - maybe this act is your baptism through the fire, maybe by committing this act, you are opening new doors in your spiritual development, we all have our own paths to follow on the road of ascension; ergo, don’t let my words for one bit hinder your ascension

You sure can use them to attack whomever you choose, however, gotta be careful how you approach this though because somethings just cannot be undone nor forgotten about no matter how hard you try

All the best :four_leaf_clover::metal:


Amazing responses I am really liking this community so far. On reddit I was being insulted and told I was the wrong one for attacking back but he’s you’re all condoning it and I like it a lot. I am a big fan of attacking back assholes who attack you. Thanks for your story. I also wanted to know, in that last part are you basically saying attacking them back could be beneficial to me or that I will suffer for attacking them and will learn a lesson?

Maybe I will let it slip but recently I have been looking for victims to test out my magical skills and see how much damage I can do.


Yes, as we’re progressing in anything in life, we should be testing our progress - no problem with that whatsoever, however, to look for “VICTIMS” just for the sake of testing your powers seems kinda bullying to me - no offense - but that’s the impression I’m getting

There are other way to test your abilities without causing harm to anyone, for example use your powers to bring profound && beneficial changes into your life and the lives of those you care for, you can use your powers to bring opportunities into your life and to close out negative cycles… All of these achievements can serve as a great testaments of your own powers and abilities and no one will be ever harmed

However, if you are still hellbent on causing harms to test your powers, it shouldn’t be hard at all

This world is full of people who are causing misery to others who are innocent, there are still a few tyrants in this world, people whose mere existence bring pain onto others who have done them no wrong

I mean it really shouldn’t be that hard to find some of these bad apples whom the general consensus can agree on their punishments - try your best luck

There was a time when I thought I wanted something that was very personal and I saw it could bring a lot of joy in my life, and so I started working on it, called upon my allies from the infernal empire to assist me bringing this very special “THING” to life

In midway, although in the beginning, I felt an incredibly strong pull towards achieving that particular goal, I discovered I was being called for something else that was completely different than what I originally wanted and was going for

The lesson I learned from the whole ordeal was that I had to go through wanting and going after the original desire for it was through that process I was lead to the door of what I was truly being called for during that time in my life and by the time I got to the door, the skills, lessons and everything else I had acquired up to that point were quite literally exactly what I needed to open that door which originally I didn’t intend to walk through. I never even thought such possibilities existed until I was lead to them but by going after something completely different

Now, as I look back it becomes clear to me, in order to learn what were necessary for me to open that door, I had to start off the way I did, going after what I was going after, desiring what I desired at the time

My initial desire was the trigger for me and what I needed to started that journey

I don’t know your exact story but what I meant to convey is that this desire to cause harm to these folks could be your trigger and your starting point into something infinitely bigger than yourself and by going through that process of acquiring the necessary resources to act upon that desire, you might be lead to something else and in that is the lesson - best believe, you will know what those lessons are

I didn’t mean that you would suffer as bad things happening to you, or anything backfiring (though that is possible depending on your own protections and their protections)

I meant later as you have evolved to a higher level of consciousness, looking back it might occur to you that maybe - just maybe it wasn’t worth it…

You might later realize it wasn’t worth inflicting the pain onto those families. They might be assholes, true, yet still there are people who care about them just as much

Be sure and certain you can live with that before doing anything drastic from which there are no coming back

Also, as you have described the incident, it doesn’t sound you were put in any life threatening danger or anything (based on how you have described what had taken place that is)

It sounds like you have encountered some folks with bad manners and don’t know how to behave, you can call the entities and commission them to teach these folks a lesson that they are bound not to ever forget ever for long as they exist in this life

Another point, it could also be what you felt was indicators of what’s needed to be addressed within yourself

Before you go out looking for enemies to fight, make sure the enemy is not within, ask yourself: Is the “ENEMY” you want to destroy so bad not you? Not your shadow?

  • Greatest blessings and may Lucifer’s light grant you the clarity you need on your journey

Truly, thank you for the extensive reply. I will definitely not attack others with magick anymore I decided very recently, even those who wronged me. I basically had the worst year of my life in 2023 where horrible stuff kept happening to me so I had a change in mentality from “love/light and empathy” to “destroy everything and everyone”. Thankfully I recovered and am now very more chill and I am returning to having love for every person.

Now I changed how I think about baneful magick. I no longer want to do it and I realized, in reality last year when I went on a cursing spree, destroying entire families and making people suffer till they cried on camera was just wrong. I am also starting to realize this is one of my final lifetimes on earth based on my readings and how early on in my life I awakened kundalini. It may very well be my final lifetime this one. The next step in the evolution is joining source/God, so I just want to cease all attacks I am doing on people.

Misusing kundalini energy with baneful works is supposedly very dangerous and you could be punished by the universe heavily. I totally understand why it’s best to let it go and honestly not even attack back your enemies. When people on reddit were advising me to stop attacking others with magick I could not understand as I was blinded by hate.

Truly wise figures all across history acted in such ways, so I will follow suit. My true personality is also something close to an empathetic, kind and caring guy and it really shows when I am either on alcohol or in life threatening situations. It’s just that I was hurt badly last year to the point I became suicidal and started hating everyone. But thankfully I changed my mind ever since I healed.

If you want, you can read this post about me they posted on reddit, please remember I changed and everything I did I regretted.


Fascinating. Can I ask what methods you employed to destroy the gang?

I took some stuff from E.A’s baneful Magik and then Flauros

I used a black and a red candle - I opened Flauros’ sigil, read my petition and gave some of my blood as offerings

Then burnt the sigil with the blood to release the energy to carry out my intentions

Right away, they started dropping

I didn’t feel like doing an evocation, I didn’t feel like doing the preparation for the evocation


It’s pretty much a simple sigil and intent kind of system on the surface.
My suggestion is to still make sure you read the full introduction carefully where he describes how to use the system (the examples of different tactics he gives were also very helpful for me). As well as read the part about the guardians carefully before actually using it.
It uses nasty lil’ devils each with their own set of talents you shouldn’t evoke at your location but send out directly at your target and you can use guardian demons with their specific talents to, for instance, protect yourself (from the devils or from being found out by other parties), to report progress, gets devils in line who go rogue and a system to cancel the attack.

I sent out Malefico against a nasty arse of an (ex-)colleague I wanted out of my life abruptly and perminently.
Malefico inspires the target to be violent or even commit violent crimes and be caught. It visibly manifested within days and it was pretty effective although it took a little time until he got fired. That wasn’t really ideal. I also disregarded mr. Mortlocks advice (I was curious and stupid) and this is where I learned first hand that you should be very careful with psychic attacks on targets at your house, work or school.

The others I couldn’t check as hands on, as the targets where a little more out of my purview.
I’ve played around with a few combo’s like a devil for loss of self control in terms of diet and a devil to cause digestive problems. I’m not sure how fast it worked but some months later I found out my target was spending a bunch of money on bloodtests, dieticians and consults.

The most extensive combo I’ve used was against a target who I strongly suspect psychically attacked an atheist friend of mine. I didn’t really feel like bothering my friend with a bunch of questions about the ex, so only checked on the progress through divination from time to time. I did see a big improvement over time in my friend. So I am going to go ahead and just take credit for that ^^
It was a combination of a devil who drains vitality, one that hinders communication and ends gossip and a third who destroys reputations with a combination of two Guardians who kept me hidden from my target and protected me from possible counter measures.


That’s an interesting point. Are you saying that once you unleashed HELL, you were then a bit shocked by it all?

Imo, I recommended you FIRST, at least use divination. Do a ritual, consider the consequences of a Demon attack, pull one TAROT card out as a guide, let us know which card it is. Upright card or reverse?

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I meant what are the consequences for you if you use Demons to attack them? That question.