Can you charge/activate a chaos magick sigil without nutting?

Can you make an Austin-osman spare type sigil and still have it be effective?

Yes, absolutely. I pretty much never use orgasms to charge anything, and it works just fine.


So then how would one do it

The same way you charge any sigil, by gazing at it.

You’re overthinking it, and you can’t learn that way - TRY it and find out wat works for you.

I’m sure you’ve seen this but here it is again:

Just edit it to a chaos sigil instead of a grimoiric sigil, it’s the same principle.

Text in that link: switch out "spirits phone number to “phone number to dial up what I want” - you’ve already done the work of finding the sigil that does what you want.

You can almost imagine the sigil to be the spirit’s phone number… Once You Have The Phone Number, All You Have To Do Is Dial It…

That’s what I hope to help you with here. I want to make calling up a spirit sigil as easy as calling a friend on a mobile phone.

1.It is important that you draw the sigil in thick, black ink. Gazing at the sigil is supposed to be an effortless task, so if you’re having to strain your eyes even a little to see the lines of the sigil, you’re going to pull yourself out of the necessary psychological and physiological states. I’ve learned to draw the sigil on a 6 inch square of white paper, in thick, black, permanent market. To make sure that I’m drawing it correctly, though, I’ll first sketch it on the paper square in pencil, and then trace over that in black marker.

2.Hold the sigil in your left hand, letting the back of your hand rest easily on your lap. Again, you don’t want to strain to see it, but instead want to simply gaze at the sigil easily.

3.Gaze at the sigil. Notice that I use the word “gaze” rather than “stare” or even “look.” There is a definite reason for this. When you’re staring at something, you’re putting quite a bit of effort into it. You’re straining your body, your facial muscles, and usually slightly increasing your heartrate and blood pressure as you do so. These will all detract from activating the centers that need to be activated to charge the sigil. If you are simply “looking” at the sigil, you are noticing it almost as a background object. “Gazing,” however, implies a certain sort of relaxation, as well as a familiar and even intimate observation.

Imagine You Are Observing Your Lover…

To drive this point home, think about it this way: Imagine that you are observing your lover. Looking at your lover, staring at them, and gazing at them all embody entirely different emotions, thoughts, and even physiological states!

4.As you’re gazing at the sigil, bring into as clear an imaginative picture as you can. You want to try to create a mental snapshot of the future that you’re trying to manifest. If you want money, see yourself spending the money, or holding it. If you want love, see yourself with your lover, embracing. If you want sex… well, you get the idea.

5.Continue to gaze at the sigil, and concentrate on the mental image you’ve created, and nowstart to fill that image with emotion. In other words, start to feel the emotions that you anticipate feeling once your goal has been fulfilled. You want to get to the point where you feel the emotion of it so strong that it’s almost as if you already have the thing that you’re trying to manifest!

6.This is where the magick starts to happen! About 80-85 percent of people that use this method start to see the sigil “flash.” The lines of the sigil will appear to disappear from the paper, and then they reappear. BUT, when they reappear, they are now in 3 dimensions, as if they are floating above the paper, or beaming out of it. They may take on different energetic colors as well. The remaining percentage of people who don’t see this instead are hit with an intense intuitive awareness that the sigil is charged, that the spirit has answered, and that their goal will be achieved.

A fun side-note is that once you reach this point, you are in the seemingly elusive theta/gamma sync! And, once you’ve experienced that, it’s very easy to come back to whenever you want.

7.Finally, verbalize whatever it is that you want the spirit to do for you. Know that it is in the room, and that it will carry out your wishes.

This is a very simple and unimaginably powerful form of magick.


All you need to fire off a Spare-style sigil is an altered state of consciousness and that can be easily accomplished. For example, you can use meditation, exercise, fear, lust, sleep deprivation, etc. You can draw the sigil on some tracing paper, tape it to over your computer screen and then zone out doom scrolling the internet. You can draw the sigil on your skin and then exercise until you sweat it off. There are so many ways to fire a sigil. Remember, Google is your friend.

Note that Spare-style sigils are not the same thing as spirit seals and do not require as much effort to charge them. They are absorbed into your subconscious mind which then manifests them so simply being a bit sleepy can be enough.


yes absolutely, like the previous comment, dont overthink it! its all about visualization and the intention/energy you put into it.

The way I would do was by spinning. I would hold the sigil at arms length and gaze at it. While continuing to gaze at I would spin around until I got dizzy. When the dizziness became too much I would fall over onto my bed, looking at the sigil as I fell. As soon as I hit the bed I would stop looking at the sigil and stop thinking about it. After laying there until I recovered I would fold up the sigil so I couldn’t see the design and then burn it.

I also found it best for me to cast a sigil over three days

Day 1: sigil creation, hide it away and don’t think about it.
Day 2: for ten minutes hold your hand over the sigil and decide/believe that the sigil is your intention. Not that it is a symbol of your intention, but that it literally is the object of desire. Hide it away and don’t think about it.
Day 3: the spinning described above.

That is what has proven to work for me, I hope it gives you some inspiration.


How could you charge/open a sigil with sleep deprivation ???

With enough sleep deprivation you exist in a sort of day-dream state. Which is also pretty much the state you try to reach when soft-focusing or gazing at a single point in meditation.

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Sleep deprivation opens up the subconscious. Once it is open, you visualize the sigil spinning off into the universe, and then immediately slamming the door on it by laughing your ass off and passing out.


Yes, it’s entirely possible to make an effective sigil without orgasm, and probably more practical too depending on your circumstances. While achieving orgasm is a quick way to get an altered state of consciousness and imprint the sigil into your unconsciousness, it isn’t the only way.

My go to would be to change my breathing. I believe this is a method described by Frater UD though I might’ve instead heard it from my tailor, but regardless the idea is that you can effectively charge a sigil by gazing into it (as others here have described) and then holding your breath. When holding your breath any longer becomes genuinely impossible, not just uncomfortable but threatening to make you pass out, breathe out and immediately destroy the sigil, like by setting it on fire. Then distract yourself, like by laughter or moving into another step of the ritual. No orgasm required.

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