Can you channel basically every spirit from every person? (f.e Albert Einstein, Wolfgang Pauli,...)

Hello, this question may sound stupid to some but I want to know the answer. Can you channel for example the spirits of famous dead scientists, philosophers etc? It would be very interesting if you could contact Plato, Baruch De Spinoza or even Henri Bergson. I could interview them or even just talk with them what would be very interesting.
Thank you for answering/reading my question. Greetings Astralmaster


The general consensus is that any of them could be called, but whether it was that actual person, well, depends on the spirit of that person. Have they moved on or not? Are they agreeable to being called or not?

SOMETHING will likely come, if called, but it’s anyone’s guess as to which spirit it is.


Take my response as a person with no to little experience in summoning/channeling.
I may guess that with “every person” and reading names as well as Albert Einstein, you mean famous people.
Everybody knows them, and most of them are quoted everyday.
Something exist out there that corrisponds to what we created, a thoughtform and when you summon him, you actually call the fac simile created by millions of people and he will never be the original one.
This is my opinion about and might be wrong.

I also was having that question. Lol
Because I channeled an artist from 1920 in vienna.
And drew him, in great detail, and in his „style“.

I also thought of the question as stupid-

But it is possible to download these spirits talents and powers. And get in contact with the real spirit, like norse900 said, if they haven’t moved on.
I think…the artist I spoke of never moved on and is in fact quite tortured and sad. I felt he came to me, to help me level up my skills for the love of art.
Sounds cheesy but… I felt his presence before I did that automatic drawing.

After I did the drawing I fell into a short „moment of insanity“ where I destroyed the drawing and felt a lot of pain, and agony, that was not my own. If I was a better necromancer, I would have helped him. Maybe I still will.


I contacted genesis p-orridge.
S/He was pissed.
They said: „why would I talk to you“

It was longer ago.
Also, I think not every spirit will be nice and willing to do an „[email protected]


Ι used to do channeling.Usually for people who wanted to contact loved ones who passed. I never tried to contact a famous person and now I have stopped because I was experience the spirits’ deaths and it was physically and emotionally painfull to me

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You can, this also comes under necromancy, and Sorceress Cagliastro talks about it in one of her books, Blood Sorcery Bible Vol 2 I think. She doesn’t channel she creates a portal for them to come to you through, similar to evocation but where they can come and go as they please.

My memory is fuzzy but she talks to Madame Curie this way.

Spirits of the dead like this have moved on long ago, they’re not ghosts with qi bodies, so I think they may well be egregoric entities held in the collective unconscious, and whether the spirit using it as a mask or a representation of what everybody things it is, is a question.

Whether it is actually the same spirit that inhabited the body in life is something that you want to be clear about asking for in your evocation, I think. Because of this uncertainly in me (i.e. doubt, which fucks up magick before you even started), I never ask for famous figures, I let real people come to me with real problems, and I help if I can.


Depends; some spiritual schools of thought doubt about the soul’s survival but since, for example, Plato was likely an adept communication with him should be possible. In other instances the risk of impostors may be more frequent but, if the channeler is lucky, it’s possible to get in touch with some “remains” or indeed a thoughtform; if everyone survive physical death, of course there is also the best chance consisting in the contact with the desired spirit.