Can you astral project without the awakening of third eye or Kundalini?

Hi, while researching astral projection I came across this topic Astral Projection Mantra

I like this method though the author of it warns that doing this method might awaken Kundalini. I’ve read about Kundalini and it seems people have various experiences with its awakening, a lot of people see, hear things, entities. Some terrifying experiences and some blissful. Also I’ve read that opening of your third eye, you will be able to see a lot of things, can be terrifying.
I was wondering if you can learn to astral project without having your Kundalini or your third eye opening?


I think you are supposed to open it first,but I am not exactly sure.


Yes, you can.

Michael Raduga’s method has worked for many people, myself included, and can be done on the first night. Not really anything new, but he puts it in terms where it’s very easy


Thanks i’ll look into his method.

Do you use his book The Phase? Or the seminar videos?

I watched his first seminar video, and that night I projected flawlessly. As have countless others. After that, I purchased his book.

I’ve had various projections throughout the years. I’ve tried Robert Monroe’s methods, Bruce’s methods & courses, various books for years. Raduga is hands down the first time I ever achieved a projection on the first try with ease. Good stuff


I just downloaded the Phase for free on his website, i haven’t purchased the updated version, do you think it’s worth getting?

It varys between people but yes it is possible :blush: although it is a possibility that without excersizing your 3rd eye it may be hard to see things. Itll just take practice. But then again you may get it your first try!


You can put yourself into a trance state easily while lucid dreaming.

I think I have done this before.
I have no idea what mantra is.

It was during the day, felt like I went into a daze.
Next thing I know I’m standing in a desert with a red sky.
I freaked out for what seemed like hours.
Woke up sweating.
Probably just dream.
Still skeptical.

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Astral projection(or equivalent) is practiced in various traditions that don’t even acknowledge any of the chakras, so yes it is possible.


I am trying the indirect method in the phase by michael raduga. so far i’ve been so sleepy everytime i wake up in the middle of sleep that i haven’t been doing it properly, but i’m gonna keep doing it and push through the sleepiness.

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I feel I already know how to do this.
Just meditate and hold your breath for longer and longer.
Eventually you will slip into a state.
Just me, I really have no process for what I do.
Maybe I need to write a thesis.
Still just a book worm who never performed a ritual.

You should watch the first seminar he has on this in Youtube. Goes well with the book


Third eye is only for physical bodies to see. Astral bodies do not have chakras.

What helped me get the hang of this oddly, was I looked into anchoring techniques, learned from a hypnotism mentor when I first started. I used this technique of mental anchors along in combination with meditation to get the hang of entering the lucid state when I was beginning.

YES. You can.

Hmm anyone able to send me a link to this radgura method?

Or explain it. I really want out!!! :joy: Here you go.